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The A-Team

“The A-Team” has finally set the summer afire with the first action packed thrills of the year.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Save yourself the ticket price and buy the original on DVD and see what a true fright is.


Elm Street Marathon for Freddy Krueger fans in Kansas City to prepare for the new Nightmare

Shutter Island

I tried to get lost on Shutter Island, but am sad to say even with its ominous tone and dreary setting I found myself dreading its predictable tale.

The Lovely Bones

Despite its visually remarkable attempts to engage the film is an utter loss.

The Lovely Bones Advance Screening Passes

Regsitration CLOSED. Congrats to our winners!

The Fourth Kind

The “The Fourth Kind” poses as another successful documentary on the hot trail of “Paranormal Activity”. Too bad this film is missing many ingredients to make it a blockbuster success.

The Box

Don’t waste your time in seeing what’s in the box, as this box is best left unwrapped.

AVATAR Trailer Super-Sized

Be there for the largest live motion picture trailer viewing in history.

Paranormal Activity

We demanded it and now it is playing in theatres everywhere, so don’t miss your chance.

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