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Anxiously awaiting the sequel…this one reignited my interest into Jurassic Park!

GONE GIRL Movie Review

“Gone Girl” is frightening, chilling and mesmerizing!

ENEMY Movie Review

I wish I had found the meaning of “Enemy” or could have enjoyed it, but I wish I could get my time back…not something I would care to watch again.

HOMEFRONT Movie Review

Jason Statham is at it again. He is proving to be this decades ultimate action star.

PRISONERS Movie Review

Prisoners is one of the best films of 2013!

THE FAMILY Movie Review

Great chemistry from the cast and the thrilling action made it entertaining for all.

YOU’RE NEXT Movie Review

Make sure to check out this fresh scary movie with just enough thrills to have you jumping out of your seat.

KICK-ASS 2 Movie Review

“Kick-Ass 2″ is a solid film that will surpass your expectations.

WORLD WAR Z Movie Review

The intensity of the story had me gripped till the very end.

NOW YOU SEE ME Movie Review

This will be one of Summer’s top blockbusters. Experience the magic and See it Now.

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