Kansas City CHIEFS

Every year I start off cheering on my Kansas City Chiefs. This year was no different until about two hours ago. I am not sportscaster by any means and I don’t know the play books and rules like most avid fans, but I am very disappointed in today’s game. We were lucky enough to be invited to the home opener and had a great time. We arrived at the stadium around 10am and it was already packed with tailgaters. We came in Gate 5 and it was already a mad house.

Apparently they were trying out some new parking for the VIP guests and had cones lined up that caused a massive delay for people trying to park. People waiting in long lines to pay $27 to park! Another outrageous hike in price. The tailgating was a blast. Once we found our seats in the stadium you could really see the improvements and I was very excited as a fan and Kansas Citian to be there. Looking forward to a good game.

The opening ceremonies were wonderful. David Cook singing our national anthem and the planes flying over and commemorating 9/11 was an incredible time to be there not only as a football fan, but as an American. That alone was worth any ticket price…everything after that was grim. 41 to 7…how can you disappoint so terribly in the home opener at the loudest stadium in the NFL. There is no one place to put the blame as the team as a whole lost. Maybe they can improve and make my next visit worth it. The stadium and all of it’s upgrades were amazing to explore and enjoy and now we are ready to take our son to the next game. Chiefs fans are loyal and dedicated and it was enjoyable to see how many families have passed on that tradition through the years. Hoping this is one we can start with our own family. Let’s hope the next game is a win!