PAN Movie Review

PanThe story of an orphaned boy who is stolen away to Neverland. A prequel to the classic tale of Peter Pan. As a newborn baby Pan is abandoned by his mother who seems to be protecting him. As we flash forward Pan is now a young boy living in dire conditions under the strict watchful eye of several nuns. When fellow boys at the orphanage start vanishing Pan (Levi Miller) is curious as to what is going on and becomes suspicious of his caretakers.

The fate of his friends and himself is quickly discovered when the boys are all kidnapped after being sold to pirates. They are all brought to Neverland where they will face countless hours of mining, ruled by the powerful Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman). Once in Neverland Pan discovers much more…he finds a destiny he was unaware of, along with many adventures. He is befriended by Hook (Garrett Hedlund) who wants to use Pan’s power of flying to help them escape Neverland.

However, Pan is not ready to leave this land. He is determined to find out where he is from and what his connection is to this special place. To do so they must visit the Tribal land and face danger head on. It is here that Pan truly discovers who he is from a great warrior. Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara) has a great tale to tell Pan that gives him a better understanding of who he is. Pan will discover he is in Neverland to be a great leader.

Pan is magical fun with some amazing effects. I enjoyed the 3D and found myself enthralled with the action and adventure. There were a few moments that the storyline lagged but overall kept my interest and my young child’s. An amazing performance by Hugh Jackman who was unrecognizable as Blackbeard. Levi Miller is incredible as Pan and will be an up & coming star. Pan is fun for the entire family!

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