MINIONS Movie Review

minionsFinally a fun Summer movie the whole family can enjoy. MINIONS was exactly what I was hoping for. A prequel to ‘Despicable Me’, MINIONS follows the journey of these adorable little creatures since beginning of time. Always searching for a master to serve, but only to have things go terribly wrong. MINIONS are faithful workers and dedicated to their master, but not exactly the smartest followers. They have a bad knack for getting their leader in a life or death peril.

Their master must be a villainĀ and the badder the better. After living in solitude for several years Kevin is determined to venture out and find a new villainĀ to serve. He knows the mission will be dangerous, but life as they know it is not enough for him. He recruits Stuart and Bob to go with him. It is a long journey that takes them from New York to Orlando.

In Orlando they attend a villain convention where they hope to become new followers of the biggest and baddest villain known as Scarlett Overkill. Once they win her over they hope to bring their tribe to serve her and start a new life. Things don’t go exactly as planned as these cute little yellow friends get into a lot of trouble.

It’s a fun journey and the 3D offered some great effects. The kids will love it and be laughing throughout, plus not bad entertainment for the adults too. MINIONS are mighty fun and a definite must for all fans!

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