Jurassic_World_Teaser_PosterBig, bold and intense are the best words to describe “Jurassic World”. A whooping 22 years since the original this has been the best sequel to hit the box office in the Jurassic series. A new world of dinosaurs who are scientifically created and living at a theme park. A totally new way to take a family vacation. Operating for several years and facing a loss of money and decline in visitors the owner looks to re-energize the interest with an all new dinosaur. A decision that will have long lasting consequences.

Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) helps run the park and seems to have her hand in every aspect. Her nephews visit Jurassic World but see their Aunt very seldomly as she is a workaholic. As Claire is prepping for the introduction of the new dinosaur and gathering investors she discovers a problem. She reaches out to Owen (Chris Pratt) to check the containment that houses the dinosaur and finds that it is missing. During the height of the vacation season the dinosaur is on the loose and thousands of lives are in danger.

It was crazy to see all the trapped citizens and how helpless they were in the dinosaur world. I found it very entertaining the new version of Jurassic Park. A theme parked of eager going fans who become trapped and attacked. It was very plausible and intense. Despite a slow start things seemed to jump start quickly and I was enthralled with the story. The action and thrills had me hooked. Chris Pratt was an awesome addition to the Jurassic cast. His charming ways made the film.

The introduction of the new dinosaur species will have the younger crowd intrigued. However, be advised this version is pretty violent so the younger kids may not be prepared for what they will see. I would have loved for my 5 year old to see this, but I will wait a few years as it amped up the blood & gore since┬áthe original. Anxiously awaiting the sequel…this one reignited my interest into Jurassic Park!


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