MV5BMzIzMjg0NjQwNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODAwOTE4MzE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_Well the title sure fits. “The Longest Ride” is a love story about a cowboy and a college student. As usual from two different worlds who are trying to make a relationship work. Their unlucky love story is intertwined with an older man who tells his story of a love lost. Sophia (Britt Robertson) is a college student who gets talked into going to a bull riding night. It is there that she meets the charming and handsome Luke (Scott Eastwood).

As soon as their courtship begins it ends. With Sophia moving to New York for an internship there is not much of a relationship that can develop. As fate intervenes the pair cross paths with an older man Ira (Alan Alda) who has experienced a love lost. He shares his story through love letters about finding love and the key to keeping that love.

The love stories are quite different and the chemistry as well. The modern day love story between the cowboy and the student was unrelatable and had very little depth. The relationship felt forced and over done. Even the charming and easy on the eyes Scott Eastwood could not make this love story feel believable. Britt Robertson was very bland as Sophia. Nothing special between these two actors.

I enjoyed the flashbacks with Ira and his great love Ruth. This love story had more feeling and depth and I enjoyed seeing how it played out. All things considered it was an average romance. Another Nicholas Sparks’ novel brought to the big screen, which did not leave me with high expectations. It sure was a long ride and one I would not care to take again.

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