Cinderella_2015_official_posterWe all know the story of CINDERELLA and the magic that surrounds the beautiful Disney character. In the new release of the live action version audiences will be amazed and transcended into a magical ride. Ella (Cinderella) loses her mother at a young age and spends her adolescence with her loving father. The lonely man, who misses his soul mate finds someone to share his time with and moves in his new wife and two step daughters. There is immediate tension between the women in the household.

Ella is left alone with her new step family when her father is away on business. Sadly it becomes a permanent living situation when her father dies while away. Soon Ella is renamed Cinderella by her mean spirited step family who treat her like a servant. Depressed and alone Cinderella tries to find happiness in her surroundings. Amazingly strong and kind she manages to push forward and look at the silver lining.

As all of the town is invited to a ball at the King’s castle, knowing the Prince is looking to take a bride, the girls go crazy. However Cinderella is banished and forbidden from attending. That is until her fairy Godmother takes over and transforms her into a beautiful Princess. From here most of us know the beautiful tale…

Disney has reached new heights with this beautiful masterpiece. Every second I was amazed at the beautiful scenery, costume designs and the magic that was captured. Lily James was the perfect Cinderella. Every moment I could feel her angst and true spirit. She captured the emotion of the character perfectly. Cate Blanchett as the stepmother expressed her dark spirit, yet her sadness had you feeling sorry for her. I was very impressed by CINDERELLA and found myself lost in the magical spirit of the wonderful film. This one is for kids and adults, especially those with Disney spirit!

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