Unfinished-Business-New-POSTERJanuary-March you will get some lackluster comedies and “Unfinished Business” is one of those.¬†Starring Vince Vaughn as Dan Trankman who decides to venture out on his own in sales and starts up his business venture with two colleagues. Tim (Tom Wilkinson) and Mike (Dave Franco) who don’t quite complete a dynamic trio. Tim is past retirement age and looking for a quick paycheck to get a divorce and Mike is a naive moron with a charming side.

The three head to Berlin where they hope to close their first big deal with a final handshake. However, they run into problems every step of the way and it looks as if they are being strung along. Dan can’t afford for this deal to fall through as his family is depending on him and need him to return home as things are spiraling out of control.

The group will face several events during their stay. Competitor Chuck (Sienna Miller), the Berlin marathon, a gay pride parade and protests that almost cost them everything. There is not much to love about “Unfinished Business”. The few funny moments can not save the film. Dave Franco’s sweet dumb guy role was the most enjoyable part of a dull comedy. And that is not saying much. About half way through I was ready for the business trip to be over. Not worth a ticket price.

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