FOCUS Movie Review

1422039723Who knew slight of hand could have so much sex appeal. In “Focus” con man Nicky (Will Smith) lives his life surrounded by lies. As a veteran con man he catches the eye of Jess (Margot Robbie) who wants to learn more and improve her skills. After proving what she is capable of she is brought into the crew during a busy week in New Orleans where the profit in total is over $1 million. It is exciting and captivating to see the crew work a room and easily rob people blind.

The chemistry between Jess and Nicky is undeniable and despite their weekend tryst it is not something that can continue on in reality and regrettably Nicky sends her packing. Of course the love story does not end there. Fast forward three years and Nicky crosses paths with Jess again during his latest job. It is something unexpected that has him off his game, during one of his biggest cons in history.

“Focus” was entertaining. There was a surprising romance to this drama. The entire time not knowing what character to trust. Both are con artists so anything can be expected. However there are several twists and turns that keep you intrigued and in the end it is surprising. Will Smith & Margot Robbie had superb chemistry. It was a pleasure to see Will Smith back on the big screen and he was as solid as ever. Margot Robbie, from Wolf of Wall Street, proved once again she is a star on the rise. For the start of 2015 this is a strong film that audiences will enjoy!

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