It is a superhero movie, LEGO mini-figure style.  Emmet is the star in “The Lego Movie”. He is an average Lego guy, who seems to go unnoticed by many of his ‘friends’. His world is forever changed when he meets Wyldstyle/Lucy. Her mystique intrigues Emmet and he is drawn into her world. A world that is foreign to him. Wysldtyle believe Emmet is the “extraordinary person” who has been chosen to save the Lego universe.

Wyldstyle is a Master Builder and quickly learns she has more skills them Emmet who seems completely ordinary. How can this average Lego be the key to saving everyone? Wyldstyle and Emmet go in search of Vitruvius who will have the answers. Emmet may be average, but he has been the chosen for a reason.

The Lego universe is facing danger from the evil Lord Business who is in search of perfection. He has plans to perfect the Lego universe by gluing all of its pieces and making everything stand still. Perfection in Lord Business’ eyes, but not to the Master Builders who have other plans. The Master Builders and Emmet team up in the hopes of taking down Lord Business, but it will not be an easy task as his powers are great.

It will be an amazing battle and Emmet will prove to be special in more ways than one. “The Lego Movie” is a delight. A movie that families everywhere will enjoy and fall in love with. With such a heartfelt ending that will have parents everywhere cherishing the days spent with their children. A true masterpiece of a film from the animation to the storyline behind the Lego universe. Not to be missed!

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