Finally a refreshing rom com that is brutally honest about relationships. “That Awkward Moment” stars Zac Efron as Jason, the playboy type who has a roster of woman and is not looking for a relationship. His friends are lost in love too. Daniel (Miles Teller) is playing the field as well using his good friend Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis) to help seal the deal and Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) has just ended his marriage and is looking to rebound.

All the guys seem to be looking for companionship without any strings attached. So whenever the question presents itself about where the relationship is going it is time to move on to the next girl. Feeling bad for recently single Mikey the guys make a pack to stay single and enjoy playing the field with each other, something they have not experienced in a long time. The plan soon gets complicated.

Jason meets an intriguing girl who he is immediately attracted to. Ellie (Imogene Poots) is the game changer for Jason. Wanting to stay true to his word to his friends he pushes her away, but can’t stop thinking about her. By the time he realizes his true feelings it may be too late.

“That Awkward Moment” is a fun flirty film that couples and singles will enjoy. Its honesty and humor were much appreciated. Efron , Teller and Jordan have great chemistry and amazing comical moments. Anyone who has experienced the dating scene will appreciate the reality that the film portrays. It is all about those really awkward moments that sometimes lead you to the one. Have a girl’s night out or a date night and check these boys out!

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