RIDE ALONG Movie Review

Not exactly your average cop buddy film. In “Ride Along” James Payton (Ice Cube) is the over protective brother of Angela (Tika Sumpter). When it comes to her boyfriend want-a-be cop Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) he is not thrilled. The two are very different but share one person that they both love very much. James in the hopes of scaring Ben off decides to take him on a ride along. He is hoping this patrol of the dangerous streets of Atlanta will detour him from the police academy and ultimately disappoint his sister.

Ben could not be more excited to help James patrol. His dream come true quickly becomes a nightmare when James has set him up by dealing with the most ridiculous 911 calls. Ben is hanging in there and doing his best to impress James, but ultimately fails. However when Ben realizes he has been set up after talking to Angie and overhearing James laughing at his expense. He is determined to not give up and turn the tables on James.

In the end Ben proves to be a strong cadet for the academy and a suitable husband for James’ sister. “Ride Along” was a fun and entertaining comedy. The way Ben compares real life shoot out situations to the video games he plays at home was a riot. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube had great chemistry and offered comical genius. Ice Cube with his aggressive stare downs and Kevin Hart with his sparkling smile. Every second of this ride with these two was hilarious. A fun escape with plenty of action to keep viewers glued.

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