HER Movie Review

No one wants to be lonely. We all are in search for that person to share our life with. In “Her”, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is a writer going through the emotions from a recent break-up. Obviously depressed he is avoiding his friends and is trying to get thru the day. When Theodore sees a new operating system that is marketed as the latest technology to meet your every need he is immediately sold on it.

Little does he know how many needs the new operating system can meet. The system is very life like and responsive to all his questions. The voice of the system is named Samantha (voice of Scarlett Johansson). He enjoys communicating with the system, even more when he discovers the excitement it has over discovering feelings and new experiences. Slowly Theodore comes out of his shell and finds himself carrying on a “relationship” with a computer. The relationship can never develop or blossom as it is a computer, its intangible, but the feelings are real.

Theodore finds a way to open himself and accept love and learn about himself. “Her” is not so far fetched, especially with the advances in technology. Joaquin Phoenix has an incredible performance as the strange Theodore looking to fit in and wanting to share his heart with someone. One of his best performances. The star of the film is the one we never see. Scarlett Johansson’s voice as Samantha is breathtaking. Her words flow with grace and an exhilaration to grasp the new world through Theodore’s eyes. It’s a far cry from your typical relationship, but it is one that will prove how blind love can be and that it truly can make you do crazy things. Not the best film of the year, but one of the most unique ones that will stir many water cooler conversations.

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