FREE BIRDS Movie Review

There are always holiday films, but I don’t recall any about Thanksgiving. “Free Birds” does an awesome job featuring this great holiday. Reggie (voice of Owen Wilson) has always grown up feeling different and out of place. But Reggie is a smart turkey. He is well aware of his life mission to be Thanksgiving dinner, but he is determined to avoid that fate. When his flock turns against him and he is casted away he thinks his number is up.

That is until fate steps in and it turns out he has been pardoned. He is the chosen turkey by the President of the United States to not be eaten on Thanksgiving. Reggie arrives at the White House and finds life to be perfect. Pizza and movies, this could not get any better. Until he meets Jake (voice of Woody Harrelson). Jake is an odd turkey who is on a mission to save the birds. His mission is simple. Reggie must travel with Jake in the time machine back to the first Thanksgiving to remove turkeys from the dinner menu.

The mission is far from simple and sounds unbelievable, but Reggie has no other choice and must go along. As the pair arrive at the first Thanksgiving they will find a flock of turkey’s to save and Reggie will finally find a flock to belong to. “Free Birds” is fun for groups of all ages.  The 3D effects made the film come to life with its vivid colors and motion. Does an excellent job of getting the kids ready for the Thanksgiving holiday, but beware turkey may be passed on after this adorable film. Halloween is over, so take the kids out to enjoy this latest flock of fun!

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