GRAVITY Movie Review

The closest you may ever come to space will come in the form of “Gravity”. The trailer for this film does it no justice. When I saw it I thought it looked ridiculous. After watching the first twenty minutes that opinion changed. “Gravity” stars Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone who is on her first NASA mission. Her fellow astronaut is Matt Kowalski (George Clooney), with quite a bit more experience in space. In space everything seems so peaceful, but as Stone is finishing up her routine assignment disaster strikes.

Debris is found on satellite to be headed right towards the unprotected astronauts and their shuttle. The shuttle is quickly bombarded by debris and is destroyed. Stone has been disconnected from her safety harness and is free floating in space. Eventually Kowalski manages to secure her and the two begin to make their way towards an abandon shuttle of Russia in the hopes of finding a safe way to return home.

As time continues on it becomes more terrifying. The unknown since all communication has been lost. Stone will have to find determination to return from her mission and beat the odds. “Gravity” is a masterpiece. A beautiful dance in space that is the closest replica anyone could ever ask for. The beauty of space that we all take for granted is displayed for us in such an unexpected way. Sandra Bullock is stunning while facing peril. The scene when her tear simply floats off her cheek was brilliant.

“Gravity” not only offers you some of the most vivid images, but sound as well. From the complete silence of space to the chaotic crashing of the shuttle. It felt as if my ear drums were going to blow and then you could hear a pin drop from the silence. “Gravity” is simple and stunning, but easily my favorite film of 2013.

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