THE FAMILY Movie Review

It’s all about a mobster’s life in “The Family”. Robert De Niro is Giovanni Manzoni also known by his current alias Fred Blake. After a lifetime of being in the mafia he becomes the rat of the family and finds himself in the witness protection program along with his wife and two children. The Family seems to adapt to new surroundings quickly, but have troubles in ditching the mafia behavior.

They have recently been relocated to Normandy, France. Belle Blake (Dianna Agron) and Warren Blake (John D’Leo) start school and find that being from the states makes them stand out. Warren is an easy target at first, but his intellect and quick thinking proves he is a force to be reckoned with. Meanwhile Belle gets by on her beauty, but when she sees how some of the boys like to treat a girl she gives them a piece of her mine and violent tendency.

Like mother, like daughter you have Maggie Blake (Michelle Pfeiffer) who is quick tempered as well. It does not take much to set her off. However the biggest trouble maker is Giovanni. It is obvious that he has the hardest time adapting and can’t leave his criminal ways behind. With a huge price on his head Giovanni knows being discreet is the key, but is unable to do that. Agent Robert Stansfield (Tommy Lee Jones) is in charge of keeping the family safe, but finds it difficult with the continued outbursts.

When the current hideout is discovered in Normandy the family will have to come together and be stronger than ever. “The Family” was an enjoyable drama with a fair amount of comedy. The story was well written and included a handful of thrilling moments. Robert De Niro as a gangster is legendary and no one can compare. It was nice to see Pfeiffer as the Italian boss’ wife, a solid return. Great chemistry from the cast and the thrilling action made it entertaining for all.

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