WORLD WAR Z Movie Review

Another apocalypse! That’s the plot in “World War Z”. Just like any other average day Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is spending time with his family on the east coast. Before leaving home he watches the news and hears about a flu that has been spreading. The normalcy of it feels like a prelude to something catastrophic. As his family hits the road they reach a road block of traffic. Quickly you see police officers and military rushing to the front of the scene.

As a former United Nations’ employee his interest is peaked. He realizes something is not right when he sees an explosion and people running for their lives. He packs up his family and takes off. During their escape he witnesses a person lunging at another and biting them. The person injured is turned into a rabid walking ‘zombie’. As the virus is quickly spreading Gerry gets in touch with his former allies and reaches out for help.

His family is rescued in a helicopter mission and taken off the coast to a safe zone. They are offered a place to sleep until the virus is under control. To ensure their stay on the ship Gerry must pay his dues and go back to work. He travels to South Korea and Jerusalem in search of where this disease started and what it will take to gain control and hopefully save the World. His mission will not be an easy one, but he wants to save his family and offer a better world for his kids.

“World War Z” contained edge of your seat thrills. The intensity of the story had me gripped till the very end. Brad Pitt did an excellent job as the lead and his performance offered hope for mankind. The 3D was not used very well and seemed to dark to showcase any special effects. The zombies quickness and over the top motions is my main complaint. Different is not always an improvement. If the World is in danger, zombie has always been the most plausible event to me. “World War Z” did a great job at making this a believable event that could change everything forever. Wildest film of Summer has arrived!

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