MAN OF STEEL Movie Review

These superhero movies are always popping up and some work, but most are disasters. However I was satisfied with “Man of Steel” the newest attempt featuring Superman. We all know the history of Clark Kent/Superman, but in “Man of Steel” we are given a good glimpse into his history. When his natural planet is endanger Kent/Kal-El’s (Henry Cavill) father Jor-El (Russell Crowe) ensures his safety and sends him to Earth. Knowing he will be an outcast all he can hope for is that one day his son will have acceptance.

Kal-El was rescued by Martha (Diane Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) who raised Kal-El as their son giving him the name Clark. They have always known he was special and did their best to teach Clark to conceal his abilities, but this became more difficult the older Clark got. Always wanting to help he had used his strength in several instances to save lives. Something that any parent would be proud of, but in this circumstance it caused worry that his abilities would cause panic.

As the years have passed Kent has been in search of his true identity. While on the road to self discovery he overhears classified information from members of military about a possible “ship” found. Thinking this could be similar to what he arrived in and might hold the key to his history he searches it out. Upon arriving he is greeted by his father. A hologram version there to help direct his son to greatness. Feeling like he can accept who he is and move on to better the World he has a new problem to deal with.

His father’s arch enemy General Zod (Michael Shannon) is hell bent on locating Kal-El and having him returned to his people and using him to take over Earth and start a genesis. Complying with Zod in the hopes of saving the World he was raised in Kal-El turns himself in. Unsure of what Zod wants, Kal-El will do what it takes to save man-kind and ensure the safety of his world. “Man of Steel” winds up being a great Superman.

It does an amazing job at capturing many pivotal moments of Kal-El/Kent’s childhood and growing into a man. The struggles he has dealt with in concealing his identity and abilities. The best moments come from when Kent turns himself into authorities and explains to them that he is not the enemy proving his super hero skills are out of their hands. Russell Crowe was superb as Jor-El, Kal-El’s father. His voice and movements were great to watch as a father struggling to help his son with his identity.

Breakout performance by Henry Cavill as Clark was incredible. He stepped into the role of Superman with such ease and was remarkable to watch. Supporting roles by Diane Clark, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner and Amy Adams (Lois Lane) only added to this superb film! With non-stop action and massive destruction “Man of Steel” is an exciting film that every super hero fan will love.

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