THE CROODS Movie Review

“The Croods” is DreamWorks latest animation and a gleeful attempt. Following a caveman family during prehistoric times. The family has been living in seclusion and have a set of rules to follow to ensure safety and avoid certain death if broken. Eep (voice of Emma Stone) is the teenager of the family who is looking for adventure and being stuck in a cave for days of darkness is not her idea of fun. She enjoys nothing more then being out in the sun. Her father Grug (voice of Nicolas Cage) does not understand why his daughter must always push the limit and worries for her safety.

Grug’s worse fears come to life when one dark night Eep ventures out when she follows what she believes to be the sunlight. She meets a boy named Guy (voice of Ryan Reynolds) who has a remarkable portable sun. Guy explains to her it is not the sun, but fire. She is immediately drawn to this interesting young man, but he warns her to be careful as “the end” is nearing. Unsure of what he means she returns home to tell her family all about it.

Her father is outraged by his disobedience but his anger is short lived when an earthquake starts and the entire family is endanger. When the cave they have been surviving in for decades is blocked after the earthquake the family must take the ultimate risk and venture out into unfamiliar territory. Eeb using a shell Guy gave her calls for his help. He shows up and is shocked to see the cavemen people with her thinking she is danger, only to learn they are her family.

Finally after introductions are made Guy will lead the family to safety in a new world where they hope to escape the impending doom. “The Croods” is a solid comedy for children ages five and up. Parents will definitely enjoy the humor and be entertained throughout. The 3D effects were stunning and used appropriately. Some of the best moments for me come from Grug’s relationship with his mother in law known only as Gran (Cloris Leachman). The one liners were great and most people with in laws will be able to relate to the humor. “The Croods” is fun and wild and exactly what the kids will love.

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