GUILT TRIP Movie Review

It’s a love that only a mother can know in “Guilt Trip”. Barbra Streisand is Joyce Brewster the doting mother who keeps her son as close as possible despite living states apart. Joyce is very overbearing for her son Andy (Seth Rogen) with endless phone calls, voicemails and advice. The calls will soon stop as Andy is going home. Andy who is a chemist is trying to market a new cleaning product. After many attempts to find someone to back it he is taking a cross country road trip to hopefully find an interested buyer.

Originally the trip he was taking would be solo, but he decides to invite his mom along. When he discovers that his mom was madly in love with a man prior to meeting his father, so much so that he was named after him, he decides to track this man down. When he discovers he lives in San Francisco it seems like the perfect opportunity to invite his mom along and surprise her with a chance meeting of her lost love. Maybe he is hoping to rekindle their romance or just find someone to help occupy her time, either way his reasons for inviting her is not the reasons Joyce is lead to believe.

Joyce is very excited as they hit the road together. The two have some very humorous mother/son moments from listening to books on tapes from Oprah’s club to a pit stop at a strip club. There is never a dull moment when these two are on the highway. Determined to help her son Joyce offers some advice for Andy’s sales pitch, but thinking he knows best he just dismisses her ideas.

Finally realizing his mother has only his best intentions at heart and sometimes she is right he begins to truly appreciate her and her wisdom. “Guilt Trip” is the surprise of 2012! An amazing comedy that is heartfelt, real and easily the best for the holiday season.  Streisand and Rogen had spectacular chemistry that really sold the film. For any mother or son this is a must see. Get in out of the cold and enjoy a family fun evening checking out “Guilt Trip”, it’s the funniest trip of 2012.

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