THIS IS 40 Review

At some point your youth begins to diminish and you are hitting a mid life crisis. “This is 40” follows the life of Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) who were featured in the Judd Apatow hit “Knocked Up”. It has been several years since we last saw Pete and Debbie, now in the present the two are reaching their forties and seem to have several pressing issues surrounding that. Both are finding it hard to communicate with their teen aged daughter. Even Pete and Debbie struggle to communicate with each other.

It seems like these two are trying their best to age gracefully. However the continuous battles between them take you back to the high school sweetheart days, but maybe that was the objective. Much of the marriage is pretty typical, with some added humor that feels a little forced at time. Just when you think the last straw has been drawn somehow these two are drawn back together. After many years it seems the bond can’t be broken.

“This is 40” is fun at times, but is another Apatow flop. Given there are many parallels to real life and the dreadful feeling that comes with aging it seems to miss the mark. I enjoyed Rudd and Mann’s performance, although a majority of it was overdone. Not only was the dialogue bland, but trying to stay interested at two plus hours is a difficult task in any comedy. If you go in with high expectations you will be disappointed, if you are looking for an average slapstick comedy this is the one for you.

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