“Playing for Keeps” falls short of scoring points with this critic. Starring Gerard Butler as George a former soccer star who has fallen on hard times following his retirement from the sport. It is difficult adjusting to a lifestyle which is unfamiliar to this superstar. He relocates closer to his ex and young son and tries to reconnect with a son he barely knows. It is not an easy task as his parenting could use some work and he is a couple years late.

All is forgiven in the eyes of his son when he helps coach his soccer team. George takes on the daunting task of training these youngsters in the sport he loves. Meanwhile dealing with the Moms who have many demands and desires. Most can’t resist his natural sex appeal and find themselves chasing him all over the field. George is not very good at turning them down and only complicates his new coaching position further.

As he tries to win over his sons trust he also finds himself missing the family he once had, which includes his former wife Stacie (Jessica Biel). Stacie seems to be immune to George, but when reminiscing she begins to feel those old feelings and finds herself doubting her upcoming nuptials. As time is quickly passing she must make a decision, one that will require her to trust in her former love which is not an easy feat.

“Playing for Keeps” was a cute film, but very predictable. I enjoyed Gerard Butler’s as the charmer he is. I found the chemistry between Stacie and George to be lacking. Perhaps that is because the only connection I found between the two was their son. There was no passion between the two that made them soul mates meant to be. Unfortunately it is another romantic comedy that misses the mark and does not score.

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