“Silver Linings Playbook” could not be a more awkward love story. Pat (Bradley Cooper) has just been released from a mental institution into his mother’s care. He had a brief admission to the institution following a fit of rage he expressed that involved his wife. Pat is separated from his wife Nikki (Brea Bee) and is convinced they will rekindle their love despite his mother and father warning him to follow the restraining order Nikki has in place.

Obviously his marriage is in danger, but Pat seems to think nothing has changed and will risk it all to get her back. His mission gets a little complicated when he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) a recent widow who seems to have her life in disarray. Tiffany is obnoxious and seems to click well with Pat’s OCD/bi-polar behavior. Pat desperate to get a letter to his wife uses Tiffany’s connections to get it to her. Tiffany agrees only if Pat will help her out with an ambitious event.

Tiffany and Pat develop a good friendship that only get more complexed. The two have an understanding and admiration for each other that makes it difficult for Pat’s obsession with Nikki. “Silver Linings Playbook” is a wonderful film. It is a peculiar romance that has a wonderful script and cast. Bradley Cooper is a show stopper as Pat. His performance had me laughing every second and is my favorite role of Cooper’s to date. The charisma and chemistry Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper shared is what gave the film it’s magic. This complicated romance/drama is the spice needed to shake up this dull year of movies.

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