KILLER JOE Movie Review

It’s the first film of 2012 that will make an impression on you. “Killer Joe” is a dark tale about a young man Chris Smith (Emile Hirsch) a drug dealer who’s life is on the line after his mother steals his stash and sells it. Now Chris is left to come up with the drug money for his suppliers and time is running out. Unsure of where to turn for the money he turns to his father Ansel (Thomas Hayden Church). Realizing Ansel is as broke as he is, he comes up with another plan to get the money.

He tells Ansel he knows of a killer. Chris wants to hire the assassin to kill his mother for her life insurance policy of $50,000. He knows the beneficiary is his younger and very naïve sister Dottie (Juno Temple). Agreeing to split the insurance money Chris gets Ansel and his step-mom Sharla (Gina Gershon) to go along with his seeded plan. Chris and Ansel meet with Killer Joe Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) to discuss the job they need done.

Killer Joe quickly makes his rules known to the Smith’s. Rule one being that if they are somehow incriminated in anyway for the crime they are to not mention Killer Joe in anyway. Rule two being the price of $25,000 for the assassination be paid in advance. Rule two creates a problem as the family has no money or collateral. Or so they think. Killer Joe seems to have an admiration for Dottie and enters an agreement that she be used for retainer to complete the murder.

Things only get stranger from here on out. Killer Joe and Dottie have an awkward relationship that is hard to digest. When the job is finally completed the outcome is not what Chris was hoping for and he is in more danger then he was before he met Killer Joe. “Killer Joe” is an artistic masterpiece that makes it hard for you to look away. McConaughey gets back into his grove with a role he can sink his teeth into. It is a dark twisted comedy that has strong performances making it one of the most memorable films of this year.

Only open in select theatres in the metro you can enjoy this film at the new Alamo Drafthouse. Tickets are on sale now. Make sure to try out the Killer Joe Special during your visit!

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