LOCKOUT Movie Review

So it looks like the first real action film of 2012 is more of a comedy. “Lockout” is a futuristic disaster with more cheesy laughs then the “Three Stooges” may offer this weekend. Guy Pearce is Snow, a quick witted insider who finds himself on the wrong side of the law after being wrongly convicted of conspiracy against the United States and possibly murder. His sentencing does not go before a jury and is swiftly handed to him. He will serve his sentence at MS One (Maximum Security) an orbiting space prison where the most atrocious criminals are held and where the action will go down.

MS One has been the subject of controversy. To get a better idea of the effects on the inmates the president’s daughter Emilie Warnock (Maggie Grace) goes on a ridiculous humanitarian mission to MS One. Things go horribly wrong during her mission of course. The prison containing 500+ inmates is quickly out of control and all inmates are on the loose. Emilie and her entourage are taken hostage and the negotiations begin.

This is where hero Snow is brought into the saga. Snow finds out one of the inmates might be able clear his name so he agrees to help. They will get him into MS One with one mission only, to save the president’s daughter. This task he takes on lightly but gets his mission done and then redirects his focus on finding his friend Mace who can hopefully help resolve the conviction he received. With many crazed inmates he will have to take action quickly if he expects to escape safely.

There are so many ridiculous questions left for me after this film. Why is a maximum security prison only guarded by a handful of guards and a few technical savvy scientists? Whose idea was it for the president’s daughter to handle this mission? How can you skydive from space and land in New York City? It’s a very poor misguided attempt at making a successful film with a very uninspiring script. “Lockout” has a very minute amount of cheesy comedy that will have you laughing at it, but maybe that is the point. I went in not expecting much and have to say “Lockout” delivered. If you miss out on this gem consider yourself lucky.

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