It is all about seeing the signs from the universe in “Jeff, Who Lives at Home”. Jason Segel is Jeff who is living in his mother’s basement and is still searching for direction of his path in life. His mom Sharon (Susan Sarandon) asks Jeff to go get wood glue to fix a shutter in the home, who knew a simple task like that would give Jeff’s existence a new meaning. Following an earlier sign in the day Jeff finds himself searching for Kevin. Anything and everything related to Kevin. Sadly this initial sign only gets Jeff into trouble.

By coincidence or fate Jeff runs into his brother Pat (Ed Helms). The adventure is only beginning for these brothers. Soon the brothers, who view life very differently, are on the road on a mission. Pat who is in a troubled marriage becomes suspicious of his wife. His suspicions cause the brothers to follow Pat’s wife Linda (Judy Greer) which leads Jeff to see many more signs. Feeling he is on the wrong path and having a disagreement with his brother Jeff takes off on his own, only to be reunited with his brother again by fate.

Not taking the signs lightly at this point it seems that they are surrounding Jeff and there is finally a purpose to everything that is happening. With the help of his family and believing in the signs, Jeff will discover his destiny and path he was chosen to take, and it is a remarkable one. This film is different and not all audiences will appreciate the quirkiness of it. Those who enjoy it will appreciate the sweetness it offers and how charming the storyline is. Jason Segel is superb in the lead as Jeff. His portrayal of the man on a mission was riveting. “Jeff, Who Lives at Home” is a refreshing and unique tale that is masterfully brought to us from the Duplass brothers. Everyone asks for a sign every now and then, let this be yours to see an original film that will be worth the ticket price.

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