Silence can be the one thing to cause an imagination to run wild. It seems to be doing the trick in “Silent House”. Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen) has returned to her family’s lake house to do some clean up before putting it on the market. She’s lending a helping hand to her father John (Adam Trese) and uncle Peter (Eric Sheffer Stevens). It is your typical creepy house. An abundance of rooms with old tapered décor and children’s toys. This silent house is not exactly quiet. There are many creaks that have given Sarah a scare.

When it sounds like someone is upstairs she insists to her father to check on it to ease her nerves. Not wanting to be alone she goes with him to investigate. With no electricity we are led room by room by lantern lights to find the sound that is disturbing the owners. When nothing is found Sarah’s anxiety only seems to intensify. Her worries become amplified when her father goes missing and she feels that she is not alone in the house.

What or who is it that is in the silent house? Is it a spirit or a dweller? After an abundance of twists and turns you will be given a conclusion that might be shocking for some and predictable for others. “Silent House” tries very hard to be a horror film, but gets lost in the shuffle of a psychological thriller. Elizabeth Olsen seems to be excellent at being creepy, if you saw her work in ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ this should not come as a surprise. You could feel her agonizing fear as she hides in the dark silently searching for an escape.

“Silent House” tries to grab viewers attention and give them the wow factor, but I found it lacking in entertainment. A great deal of the film was very intense and had me on the edge of my seat, but many scenes were so ridiculous that I found myself laughing out loud when I should not have been. The camera work gave you a hand held jumpy feel that at times had me looking for the barf bag. If you must know the dark secret “Silent House” holds then prepare for a journey that may not pay off in the end.

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