THE VOW Movie Review

Falling in love is an amazing experience. Having the butterflies from the sound of their voice or the lightweight feeling you get from that first kiss. Who would not want to experience all of those moments again. Sounds great, huh? In “The Vow” this is the challenge dealt to Leo Collins (Channing Tatum). Leo is madly in love with his wife Paige (Rachel McAdams). Due to unfortunate circumstances and horrible road conditions Paige is ejected from their vehicle and has severe head trauma.

When Paige awakes from her coma she knows nothing about her life with Leo. She only remembers a life that ended four years ago. Paige initially feels most comfortable returning home with her parents, but after Leo convinces Paige that they have a love that he believes will bring her memories back she agrees to try to return to her normal way of life in the hopes of regaining the life and love she has lost.

It is not an easy task for either party. Paige’s frustration with the stranger she is living with becomes more than she can handle. Meanwhile Leo is doing everything he can to help Paige and only getting rejected. When Leo realizes that his wife may be gone forever he makes one final attempt to have her fall in love with him all over again. Things look promising, but with many complications and past memories in the way it may be more to overcome then he originally thought.

Thinking back to how Paige fell in love with him after only two weeks of dating Leo gives up hope. As hard as it is for him he has to find the way to walk away from the woman he loves. It’s a sad tale of love, hope, disappointment and frustrations. “The Vow” is based off the life of a couple who lived through this ordeal. In the movie not everything is packaged up neatly with a bow, but you do feel satisfied with the outcome.

“The Vow” had two of the most common actors known to the romantic film world. Rachel McAdams, best known for her role in The Notebook and Channing Tatum from Dear John. The lovebirds had good chemistry and angst. Channing did an excellent job as the loving husband desperate to get his wife’s memories back. The eye candy was an added bonus. The only thing I felt missing from the movie was my lack of emotion, which I blame in part to not seeing this budding whirlwind romance. I felt the love, but not to the magnitude to where I felt the sadness over the two being torn apart. That magic was missing for me.

This is going to be the Valentine’s Day flick for the girls to see…it may not be all about the love story, but rather Mr. Tatum. Beware of the derriere shots ladies. I guess that alone is worth the ticket price!

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