Fright Night BD DVD69B0AE7Some remakes should not happen and “Fright Night” certainly falls into that category. Following the 1985 original “Fright Night” focuses on a curious teenage boy who believes his neighbor is responsible for a string of deaths in the neighborhood. Not only does he believe his neighbor to be a murderer, but a killer that seeks out blood as a vampire. Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) is in with the popular crowd in school, even though he does not seem to be molded to that fit. Struggling to fit in and not alienate former friends it seems Charley is your average teenager with an array of problems. His problems are only beginning when he gets an attractive new neighbor.

Jerry (Colin Farrell) moves in next door and quickly attracts the attention of the most important people in Charley’s life, his mother (Toni Collette) and his girlfriend Amy (Imogen Poots). A little thrown by his charm and odd behavior he does not immediate suspect Jerry, but after his friend Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) shares his concerns he begins to wonder if he could truly be living next door to a vampire. Charley begins to question it more and decides to test his theory. Once he does his suspicion is proven that Jerry is indeed a vampire and a danger to everyone he cares about.

fnWhen everyone thinks Charley is crazy for his belief of vampires he turns to self proclaimed vampire killer and magician Peter Vincent (David Tennant) to help take down Jerry. It turns out that this vampire killer is more of the hide and cry type. Not one to face the evil that appears he runs into hiding. After Charley loses Amy to Jerry he insists that Vincent man up and assists him in the battle against evil. Teaming up the duo will do what it takes to take this dark beast down and save a few lives along the way.

“Fright Night” definitely misses the mark of humor and horror that I would expect. Unless you get humor from laughing at the disaster this film seems to be. The special effects were so bad that I think the 1985 version would have shown it up. There was a great deal of gore which covers part of the horror you would suspect from this type of film. The cast did not have very much chemistry and the performances left me bored to tears. I have to say I am glad I missed this one in theatres but if you really want to check it out be sure to pick up the DVD with deleted and extended scenes, bloopers, and the official “How to Make a Vampire Movie Guide”.

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