The-Twilight-Saga-Breaking-Dawn-Part-1-posterAs we near the finish line fans are getting to the climax of the Twilight series with the latest edition “Breaking Dawn: Part I”. Edward and Bella fulfill their promise of getting married and starting their life (eternal life) together. After a marvelous ceremony the duo do what any normal newlyweds would do and go on a honeymoon. Finally consummating their nuptials and finally enjoying some happiness.

Bella insists on enjoying some normalcy in their marriage before succumbing to the dark side. The happiness is brought to a halting stop when Bella begins to notice she is ill. When she is reminded that she is late she is shocked to learn that she may be pregnant. Not sure how this is even possible the two quickly head home to Forks and have Carlisle investigate.

Once back home Bella reveals her pregnancy to Jacob who is appalled. Bella insists on carrying the baby to term. She will do whatever it takes to keep ‘him’ safe. Edward who is terrified of Bella’s choice begs Jacob to convince her to change her mind. The discussion does not go very far and Bella only becomes sicker by the day. Her body can not keep up with the demand of a fetus who is growing at a rapid pace.

The-Twilight-Saga-Breaking-Dawn-Part-1As her heart begins to give out she goes into emergency labor and Edward is faced with the immediate decision to deliver the baby and then turn Bella. It is a graphic and very dark sequence of events. As it looks like Edward’s attempts have failed he is left to fight the wolf pack to protect his family.

Thanks to Jacob the fight is quickly aborted after it is discovered that Jacob has imprinted on the baby girl named Reneseme. As we watch Bella clinging to life we begin to see a change. “Breaking Dawn Part I” is what fans have been waiting for and will not disappoint. The acting felt very scripted in this version and Pattison lost his charm. The special effects on Kristen Stewart were magical. Although very disturbing to see her sick and bone skinny it was a very realistic portrayal of someone who is very ill. The storyline reached a new depth and is everything every fan will desire. Another box office success that fans will need to check out and find something to enjoy from it.


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