Happy_Feet_Two_PosterIt’s time to get the Happy Feet gang together again. In “Happy Feet Two” Mumble’s (Elijah Wood) son Erik (Ave Acres) is discovering who he is in the Penguin world. His struggle with his identity will need a quick resolution when his family and friends face a new threat.

Opening up with a gang of penguins singing and dancing it does not seem there is much of a threat coming. That is until an avalanche leaves much of the penguin population trapped without food or means of escaping.

Erik is scared for his mother Gloria (Pink) who is on of the trapped. With the help of his father Erik will prove to have the courage to save his friends and family. Gathering together other penguin nations including the Mighty Sven (Hank Azaria), the only penguin who can fly they will bring hope to those trapped. Setting up an assembly line of fish for those trapped to ensure all are being fed.

When things don’t look promising for an escape the penguins must think outside the box to find an escape and new home. With the help of a few new friends they will dance their happy feet away to a new life. “Happy Feet Two” was an adorable family film. It is in 3D and offers a few moments of great effects, but the bubbles you can pop at the ending credits were by far the best.

The storyline lacked the comedy and charm the original had. More suitable for the older kids this film can be enjoyed but won’t be the one that will wear out on your DVD player at home. If you are looking for a family fun holiday weekend then “Happy Feet Two” is for you.

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