FOOTLOOSE Movie Review

footloose2011-2I am not a fan of re-makes, but when I heard about the new “Footloose” I was not too discouraged. I had never viewed the original in it’s entirety until the weekend before screening the updated version. As I sat there and watched this dated (1984) dance drama I found myself hoping for more. I was not impressed by the original and was pleased to find a slight satisfaction in the refreshed model.

Ren MacCormack (Kenny Wormald) has just moved from Boston to a small town following the untimely death of his mother. He finds he must adjust quickly to the rules set in place. No loud music, no dancing, and no cursing…what are you suppose to do. Ren soon learns that the kids in the town may follow the rules, but they are finding ways to break them to.

Ren meets the preacher’s daughter Ariel Moore (Julianne Hough) and finds her very intriguing. Something about her wild side has Ren all shook up. For Ariel it is not easy being the daughter of the small town’s pastor. Rev. Shaw Moore (Dennis Quaid) was the wheels behind the initiative of banning song and dance. Following his son’s car accident that left five students dead he felt that he needed to protect the children from another accident, insisting that music lead to other bad habits. Banning music and dancing would help prevent future tragedies.

Fighting for what he thinks it right and wanting to change the rule Ren starts a petition and plans to approach the city counsel to overturn the ban on dancing so his senior class can have a proper formal dance. It is a fight that he will take on with many friends that are ready to put on their dancing shoes.

Footloose-2011-06-4“Footloose” was updated and enjoyable. With many classic songs you will be dancing in your seat. The music far outweighed the dancing for me. Kenny Wormald seemed more gymnastics then dance and Julianne Hough is a dancing talent that just demonstrated a lot of club moves. The variation of dance was more enjoyable than the original with the crunking, break dancing and country line dancing.

Performances were average except for one shining star. Miles Teller (Willard) was a knock out star. As Ren’s buddy from school this boy stole every scene he was in and had me laughing every second. His odd quirks were just what the film needed. Can’t wait to see what is in store for this up and comer.

If you enjoyed the original you will for sure enjoy this updated version. It is a replica of the original for the most part. You will know what to expect when you see it, with a few added comical moments. This is your time…relive it once more.

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