Something Borrowed Movie Review

Something-Borrowed-Movie-Poster“Something Borrowed” is another romantic comedy focusing on the one that got away. Ginnifer Goodwin is Rachel, a successful lawyer who has just turned thirty. While helping plan her best friend Darcy’s (Kate Hudson) wedding, she feels like her life is not moving forward. Being single and turning thirty brings her down in the dumps. She turns to her old friend Dex (Colin Egglesfield) for a supportive ear over a few drinks. One drink too many and Dex and Rachel wake up next to each other.

This is shocking to both friends as Dex is the man who is set to marry Rachel’s best friend Darcy. The one night stand leads to many old feelings resurfacing. It turns out Rachel has always had feelings for Dex, but stepped aside when her friend Darcy threw herself at him. Rachel being the meek of the two in the friendship always allowed Darcy to shine and steal the spotlight. As the wedding begins to come closer Rachel and Dex open up about their true feelings and find that maybe Dex marrying Darcy is a mistake. However, Dex seems divided and unsure of what to do.

SB3Rachel feeling heartbroken turns to close friend Ethan (John Krasinski) and admits to her indiscretion with the groom to be. Ethan gets Rachel to open her eyes and knows where her heart truly belongs and makes her realize that she has always put Darcy first, even all those years back when she allowed her to walk all over her and ‘borrow’ Dex. Deciding to put herself first and follow her heart this time she will have to hurt the person she loves the most to move forward and be happy.

 “Something Borrowed” is a gloomy love tale about the haves and have not’s. It is a stereotypical movie about the blondes vs. the brunettes. Rachel (brunette) is the lawyer with all the brains who stays at home without a love life and Darcy (blonde) is the wild fun girl who is not afraid to speak her mind and go after what she wants. It was insulting to see how they portrayed both girls and made them equally out to be very naïve and desperate.

SB1John Krasinski who is a comical gift was unused in this minor humorous film. He was there one minute and gone the next. “Something Borrowed” would not be a great or even a good date movie. Who wants to see how a girl walks away from a guy so easily to only have him get engaged to her best friend, and then a one night stand leads him into wanting to call of the wedding. It has been done in many different ways, but this one was a little ridiculous and depressing. There is not a whole lot to love about this supposed romantic comedy and thus it is not worth the ticket price, wait for the DVD!

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  1. Kim says:

    I thought the movie on an entertainment level was great. There were many funny scenes and yes it was a bit contrite, but if you read the book (which I recommend) it delves into more detail which is usually the case. You get to see the relationships between the characters delvelope more instead of the fastforwarding the movie makes it like. As to using John Krasinski more, they really couldn’t because he was not that big of a character in the book. Yes movie execs can take many liberies when basing a movie off a book, but for this one I thought there was just enough of his character. Any more and it would have been all about Ethan instead of Rachel who is the main charater as it is from her perspective. I suggest people go and see this movie because it is ENTERTAINING. It was like any RomCom cheesey, cute and fun.

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