SOURCE CODE Movie Review

SCposterAvoiding a catastrophic event is what the “Source Code” is all about. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Colter Stevens a soldier who wakes up on a commuter train in Chicago with no knowledge of how he got there. What is weirder is his face is not his own. Then boom…an explosion goes off and Colter is transferred into another universe. He is addressed by Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) who tries to get Colter to recognize her and the mission.

After some repetitive words and phrases she informs Colter he is on an assignment to save Chicago. He is being sent on this train to find a bomber who blew up the train and killed everyone on board. The bomber is believed to be on the train and has planned another attack on the city. It is Colter’s mission to find the bomber and prevent the next attack from occurring.

Once again he is sent back onto the train and relives the same moments over and over again each time slightly different. But every time with the same results. As he gets closer and closer to finding the suspect he seems to become weaker and wanting answers as to why he was the chosen one. What has happened to his fellow men in the air force and if he can contact his father? Every time not getting the answers he wants he is sent back in on his mission until it is complete. It is a wild and calculated ride.

SC“Source Code” has some very brilliant moments, but others are just down right creepy. Jake Gyllenhaal was a superb action star that had you excited for his next move.  Some what like “Groundhog Day” the repetitiveness towards the end was a little much to bear. But if you can hold on till the end it will be worth the wait. “Source Code” is electrifying action that is lackluster mid way through but comes back in the end to catapult you to another universal ending.

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  1. Rachel says:

    How awful was Jeffrey Wright in this??? He had me cringing every time he TRIED to deliver a line. Other than his awful performance I really enjoyed this movie.

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