Blue Valentine

BVA marriage is falling apart in “Blue Valentine” and every emotion you will feel as they tell their story. Michelle Williams is Cindy the wife who finds herself out of love with her husband Dean, portrayed by Ryan Gosling in this romantic drama. The story unfolds in segments as you relive the lover’s life together. It has been love at first sight for Dean whose courtship begins with Cindy after some wooing. The pair quickly ignites sparks, but things come to a sudden halt when Cindy announces to Dean she is expecting and the baby is not his.

The news does not faze Dean who is in love with Cindy and he proposes marriage to her and a family that both have always dreamed of. With butterflies aflutter the two tie the knot and start of on the journey of married life together. Finding along the way things are not always as romantic. The mundane of real life sets in and the two begin to feel the divide.

“Blue Valentine” is told in sections and flashbacks. In the past we see two lovers who can’t take their eyes off each other and in the present a wife who is very unhappy and a husband who is at a lost of what to do and desperate to keep his family. It is obvious that Dean has faced some struggles through the years and the details of why the marriage is failing are not made apparent, but you can see the divide and feel the pain both are experiencing.

BV2Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling had one of the best performances of the year. Their real life suffering was so believable and captivating. “Blue Valentine” hones in on relationships and how quickly couples are to fall in love and fall out of love. People change over time and you can’t always do something to repair those changes and “Blue Valentine” displays that to perfection. Heartbreaking honesty with the challenge of finding the light in a very dark story. “Blue Valentine” is not for the romantics, but for those wanting to see true performances and story telling at it’s best.

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