127 Hours

127-hours-posterLife is a fragile thing that is not appreciated. We learn just how quickly a life can change in “127 Hours”. The real life survival story of Aron Ralston (James Franco), who faced the most daring self rescue in history. Aron is always looking for adventure and thrills and plans a weekend visit to canyons near Moab, Utah. It is apparent that Aron is very familiar with his surroundings in these canyons, but not even Aron could prepare himself for this journey.

After giving a tour to two girls Aron ventures out on his own and will begin the struggle of his life. While canyoning alone a boulder comes loose and traps Aron in the canyon. His arm is stuck. He tries to maneuver the boulder to free his arm but it is too heavy. Low on food and with minimal water left Aron begins to document his ordeal. Videotaping his every moment and eventually saying his goodbyes to family.

Aron knows time is running out as he did not tell anyone where he would be going this weekend and by the time anyone would realize Aron was missing it would be too late. With no other options Aron faces the struggle of dying alone or the unthinkable task of removing his arm and freeing himself to survival. It is an amazing true story of defying death against all odds.

127“127 Hours” does an excellent job at putting you in the canyon and inside a dying man’s head. Directed by Danny Boyle (‘Slumdog Millionaire’), there is the same vivid feel to the film. However with this drama the direction Boyle leads the film in is not suited to all viewers. James Franco offers the performance of his career. He could not have been better suited for this role and once again has proven to be on his way to the Oscars. “127 Hours” is a film about facing death with bravery. It is a dark and disturbing film that I thought about days later. This film will not be appropriate for all as there have been many cases of audience members passing out while viewing certain scenes. If you can handle a few gruesome moments and want to see the performance of the year, then this film cannot be missed!

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