The Next Three Days

9053310-The next three days-posterWhat do you do when your wife is accused of a crime she did not commit? Or even worse…convicted and sentenced for it. In “The Next Three Days” we see the damage it causes to one family. Lara (Elizabeth Banks) is serving time for a murder she insists she is innocent of. Her dedicated husband John (Russell Crowe) stands by her side. When he realizes his wife will not survive prison, her freedom becomes his mission. Wanting his family to be together again becomes his motivation.

After researching ways on escaping prison and talking to a former escapee, John begins to plot his wife’s escape. Observing the prison and all the ins and outs and soon discovering the ‘key’ that will allow them to exit the prison. As he begins to map out his plan he’ll need plenty of money, passports and real social security cards. After running into a few glitches John gets what he needs and puts his plan into action.

ThreeDays-111510-0001“The Next Three Days” is a ridiculous ride, an outlandish tale of escaping a prison and getting away. Russell Crowe once again has signed on for another disappointing film, but his co-star Elizabeth Banks is looking for a more serious role that she molds into well. The film lacked chemistry and had many lose holes in the story and could have been cut much shorter than the two hour plus run time. John and Lara’s son Luke (Ty Simpkins) is so creepy that he ruins the sense of love this family may have. John needs to move on and leave Lara behind as the Next Three Days felt like three years. Pass this one up!

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