The Fourth Kind

fourth2The “The Fourth Kind” poses as another successful documentary on the hot trail of “Paranormal Activity”. Too bad this film is missing many ingredients to make it a blockbuster success. “The Fourth Kind” stars Milla Jovovich as Dr. Abigail Taylor, a psychiatrist who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown following her husband’s murder. Left alone to raise two children, a son who can’t stand her and a daughter who has suddenly lost her sight. It is a tragic set of events that lead her to Alaska and back to work.

During her recent sessions with patients she is finding a pattern. Patients suffering from insomnia who claim to be haunted by an eerie owl in the midnight hours, but when they attempt to find the true cause of their fears it goes much deeper and disturbing than any owl. Under hypnosis the patients experience extreme terror; so much that one patient commits a murder-suicide from it. When Dr. Taylor discovers she is not only the doctor to the patients with these “experiences”, but has had one herself things get intense. In the end these skeptical events from pre-Christ fourthlanguages, levitation, abduction and flying saucers are left for you to decide.

Milla Jovovich offers an empowering performance as the unhinged doctor. The film opens with Milla addressing the audience about the truth of the events about to unfold and how it is up to us to decide what the truth is. The screen is sliced at many times from archived footage and motion picture. It made it very unclear as to what was going on and also caused a disturbance when listening. “The Fourth Kind” will target UFO followers everywhere, but we skeptics will be left hoping for more. An interesting movie that I have decided should have been much more.

2 Responses to The Fourth Kind

  1. Micah says:

    The only thing I agree with you in your review is Milla’s extraordinary performance. I loved her in this more dramatic role – and I think she was able to pull off her character flawlessly.

    Aside from that, I very much enjoyed watching this film. The scenes were downright terrifying, especially the split-screen of the raw and recreated footage. I nearly peed my pants just watching it!

    Overall, I thought the movie was very believable and felt so real… and I gotta admit, it’s definitely made more of a believer and has left me pondering and researching about all those crazy alien abduction theories. Anyway, it’s definitely worth checking out… you gotta see it to believe it!

  2. WD says:

    I enjoyed the movie and the performances. Except the role of Sheriff. Will Patton was great, just the writing of this character was very unbelievable. I found myself believing in the archive footage more than what the sheriff said. At one point, the Sheriff actually tries to arrest Dr. Abigail for hypnotizing a man. REALLY, REALLY (SNL reference). At what point would a sheriff arrest someone for a paralyzing hypnotizing experience.

    The movie is entertaining and I did like the split screen effect.
    2.5 / 5.o

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