Where the Wild Things Are

where-the-wild-things-are-posterI am not going wild over this classic story from childhood being brought to life in “Where the Wild Things Are”. Spike Jonze does a tremendous job of bringing this short story to the theatres in a big way. For those of you who have not read the book “Where the Wild Things Are”, the story focuses on a young boy named Max. Max (Max Records) has a vivid imagination. He is always creating new stories and playing them out, a young boy full of life and adventure.

One evening when Max is reprimanded by his mom (Catherine Keener) he escapes using his imagination. Using a small sailboat Max takes to the high seas and finds a small island. There he finds the wild things, quickly making friends with these huge creatures. Max is unafraid and tells them he has powers and was sent there. After a short introduction his new friend Carol (voice of James Gandolfini) demands Max be the king of their land. Max takes the oath and promises them there will be no more sad days. Max’s first order is to celebrate with a Wild Rumpus.wild-things-are-movie-03

Everything is going smoothly until Max let’s down his friends and proves his powers are not as strong as they previously thought. Carol becomes furious with Max and for his safety Max realizes it is time to return home. Maurice Sendak’s classic book “Where the Wild Things Are” was always a fun book as a child. However, it is a daunting task to turn a short story into a feature film. The movie had adventure, comedy and imagination. Personally I have trouble finding who the appealing audience will be. I found the story bland, while most of the younger children were frightened and the older children were succumbed with boredom. Vividly the colors were dull and made the film lifeless. Those who love the story will enjoy the film, but most will find it unappealing to the eye.

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