“The Box” Advance Screening Passes

 JoReviews is teaming up with Warner Bros. Pictures to send you to an advance screening of  “THE BOX”.



Following suit to the movie, we want you to answer this question: “What would you do for a million dollars?” Just fill out the form below and share your answers. If you wish to remain anonymous please indicate so. We will have a  random drawing to determine the lucky winners on Monday, November 2nd. The winners will then receive an email with instructions on how to print out their pass. Make sure to bring the pass with you to the screening. Be sure to get there early. These screenings are overbooked to fill every seat. Only ONE entry per email address. Only eligible for Kansas/Missouri metro area residents. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.


Synopsis: What if someone gave you a box containing a button that, if pushed, would bring you a million dollars…but simultaneously take the life of someone you don’t know? Would you do it? And what would be the consequences? The year is 1976. Norma Lewis (CAMERON DIAZ) is a teacher at a private high school and her husband, Arthur (JAMES MARSDEN), is an engineer working at NASA. They are, by all accounts, an average couple living a normal life in the suburbs with their young son…until a mysterious man with a horribly disfigured face appears on their doorstep (FRANK LANGELLA) and presents them with a life-altering proposition: the box. With only 24 hours to make their choice, Norma and Arthur face a momentous moral dilemma. They soon discover that the ramifications of this decision are beyond their control and extend far beyond their own fortune and fate. “The Box” is based upon the classic short story “Button, Button” by Richard Matheson. It was written for the screen and directed by Richard Kelly, whose 2001 sci-fi mystery thriller “Donnie Darko,” a cult classic, earned a Grand Jury Prize nomination at the Sundance Film Festival. “Donnie Darko” went on to screen at film festivals around the world and brought Kelly Independent Spirit Award nominations for Best First Feature and Best First Screenplay. “The Box” stars Cameron Diaz (“The Holiday”), James Marsden (“X-Men: The Last Stand”), Oscar® nominee Frank Langella (“Frost/Nixon”), James Rebhorn (“The International”) and Holmes Osborne (television’s “Invasion.”)

Release Date: Friday, November 6, 2009


Give me my $1 million for

Francisco: anything as long as i dont have to go to jail or die just like if it was the loteria

Krystal: I would babysit Octo-Mom’s and or the Gosslien’s kids. And I would even throw in a nice makeover for Octomom and a new hairstyle for Kate for free…

Brandy: TOO MUCH I’m sick of all of the bills. JUST WANT TO BE PAID UP… 

Germean: I would dance for national tv wearing nothing but a bow tie, straw hat, a mood ring and a pair of pink pumps and singing Kumbaya in D flat!! :-)

Sandy: Get my daughter the health care there is

Melissa: I don’t think I could kill anyone. but I would be willing to watch a million movies for a million.

James: I would give it all to charity.

Quentin: I would eat a Klondike.

Eddie: Of course paying off credit cards so i would be debt free. buy a new car for myself and my g/f then a house with traps surrounding my new house. Oh and buy pharmaceutical companies

Jen: donate it to someone who needs it

Pamela: Only one thing – but I can’t say.

John: offer to be a non paid Wal Mart greeter for a year

Matt: I might actually take a real job for a couple of months.

Larry: live my life to the fullest

 Angela: I would devote the next Month to paying it forward by giving deserving persons loans and/or gifts to make a difference in their lives.

Martha: be nice to my x-husband

Jason: stay in a hauted house

Alicia: eat a roach.

Michelle: A lot!!

Susan: give some of it to charity

Kelley: Anything

Alan: Have a party!

Susie: Nothing illegal- I wuold lick a microwave clean- I actually have a friend that did this and it was very disgusting- but for a million- hey- why not!!!!!

Selina: I would do community service in my city every weekend for a year. I would try to feed every homeless person that cross my path

Jason: I would be nice to a random stranger. :)

Brandy: its kind of like a klondike bar. HOW Far would you really go?

Kevin: A lot of things but killing someone, don’t think so.

Lauren: I’m not sure I’d push the button.

Lindsay: Eat cow brains.

George: The drinks are on me!

Carrie: skydive!!

Jeff: as long as it was legal…

Scott: Just for being awesome…Duh!

Kimberly: spend it

Colene: spend it 

Brandy: Nothing just like a klondike bar…

Nathan: find GiGi

Colene: Work hard.

Ben: Vote for Phil Kline for the public office of his choosing.

Sharon: Bungee jump off the 1KC Place building.

Susie: Lick a microwave clean

Joe: I would do anything within the law that does not go against my moral and ethical ideals. Money isn’t everything.

C: Good health

Sandy: Pretty much anything, but not that….

Roger: have a sex change 

Chad: I’d watch Dragon Ball Z Evolution on continuous loop for 24 hours straight.

Brittany: I would give up cheese for a million dollars. And let me tell you, I love cheese; its my favorite food.

Francisco: anything that i can do and that i want to do.

Martha: be nice to my xhusband

Pamela: Only one thing, but I can’t say .

Leviticus: I would crawl across hundred miles of broken glass on hot concrete naked front side down, and ask my ex to please put me thru hell all over again so she could take half.

Roberto: I would buy the Dallas Cowboys !!!

Tyler: Play basketball with Barack Obama.

Kaja: Anything that is legal…………..

Jeremy: Just about anything…

Elissa: GO ON A DIET

Darlene: lose weight

Stephon: I would bunjee jump from the highest bridge in the US… Lol

Susie: Donate a kidney, help the poor, save animals- whatever it takes!!

Dean: Swim with sharks.

Bridget: Loose 20lbs

Pete: push the button !

Jeremy: College tuition for my kids and savings for other family members, but definitely not commit murder.

Mark: Sleep with Demi Moore

Patty: Nothing that caused harm to others or myself!

Malachi: Eat chocolate covered ants

Nikki: what ever i had to that wasn’t totally disgusting!

Keifer: just lay back and kick like always no biggs yo

Alan: Nothing Illegal

Dalia: I would pay off any debts me and my family have and the remaining of it i would share with my community and friends thet are in need.

Dave: share it.

Martha: smile at my ex-husband

Jo: Almost Anything!

Teri: Quite a bit. Wouldn’t hurt or kill anyone or myself or sell my soul but would do a number of crazy things.


Raysa: pump gas in broad daylight.. naked.

Pamela: Only one thing – can’t say.

Charles: I would help as many dogs and cats as I can from being to death,and give them a home.

Elizabeth: I would work for 12 hours a day for 10 years. I would forgo the use of my entire life savings for an investment that would return that much.

Dean: Shave my body.

Kali: be nice to everyone for a week.

Deborah: I would not kill anyone for it.

Kevin: Alot of things. Shave my head comes to mind.

Brandon: Rob a bank. :)

Lori: walk barefoot on broken glass

Scott: live in the wild for a year

Maxine: Pay for my 3 grandson’s college tuition and have fun spending what’s left.

Steve: just about anything, with in reason

C.: Pay bills.

Robert: Have sex with Demi Moore

Kimberly: Pay off all my bills….buy a house of my dreams and put the rest up for my kids!

Jeff: I would save and invest!

Greg: If I had a million dollars, I’d be rich

Danon: I would die

William: Just throw the money in a money market hope to live to use the money when i retire from work.

Cheryl: I would pay off my debts if i had any, And i would open a rescue shelter for animals and take care of the mistreated and neglected animals find them good homes.

Richard: the more money you have the more money you spend wether your rich or poor…..with the way economy is now adays prices have gone up on everything but i would have to take care of me and my family as much as i could and i would help out with some type charity i highly believe in using the money in the best way for help.

Edwina: Money has no meaning to me if it has anything to do with hurting people,children,or animals i would be poor than hurt someone for any kind of money.

Elissa: I would donate 1/2 of it to those in need and invest the rest

Brandon: Well it depends if am allowed to press it more than once. if I do then I would help my mom and grandma

Van: Babysit Kate’s EIGHT!!! LOL

RP: Cut Donald Trump’s hair!

Jo: share the wealth and retire

Enza: I would do a literacy lesson and teach people what difference between “What would do for…?” and “What would do with…?”

Zach: I would probably push the button

Dallas: I would take an ultimate dare that was televised to show how I survived the dare. (within the limits of the law)

Kari: It depends, but I wouldn’t do anything illegal or morally questionable.

Dave: Spend it!

Carla: vow to never complain again.

Shelby: I would try my sister’s cooking.

AD: Give some to friends & family and pay bills.

Pam: Share with family and friends

Amanda: Jump out of a plane……maybe haha

Rachel: I would live homeless on the streets for 6 months.

Phil: Work, Lotto, no killing!!!!!!

Susan: buy a lottory ticket and take my chances like everyone else.

Holly: save for a house

Liz: Zipline through the jungle…naked. :)

Kevin: WoW Buy a car, down payment on a house, give to charity, deposit some in the bank, invest, pay off my debt. Would all that be nice.

Dean: give up tv for good

Kim: Be nice to a VERY witchy co-worker for an entire week!

Susan: anything

Dean: Give up wearing clothes!!

Suved: I would do whatever I can.

Vidhi: Work day and night :)

Daneille: nothing.

Paula: Walk through my office naked, then give them my resignation, because I would be too embarrassed to ever show up again.

Rachel: I would lick my bathroom floor after not cleaning it for a month lol

Adam: What would I not do is the larger question… Immediately I would probably cut off a finger, mine or someones

Kelley: I would go streaking!

Ashleigh: I would pay off everything we owe, set up college accounts to completely pay for their education and expenses, set up a retirement fund, and use the rest to help educate and enrich others in need! After 2 layoffs in 3 years in our household, financial security and independence would be a dream come true!

Ashleigh: I would give up chocolate! ;)

T: accept it graciously.


Lawrence: Look for a job.

Earnestine: pay off all debts and help someone .

Chris: I would travel cross country in a ufo shaped home made helium balloon but tell my family I was for sure in it before I left so they wouldnt be worried.

Angela: Payoff all my credit card debts, my daughter’s school loan, help someone that is in a bind to get back on their feet and then go see my family overseas.

Tyler: Anything ;)

Levera: I would donate some to my church, give some to charity and give some to my family

Amy: Rent out my husband and kids for the day

Robert: Give my left kidney.

Brett: anything

Jennifer: I might push the button

Lori: be nice to my step mother.

Christy: kiss my x-husband. (and that’s asking alot)

Martha: I would tell a co-worker that I don’t like, that I really do like her.

Marie: Almost anything.

Colene: Share with friends and famility, & donate to cancer research.

Lynn: I wouldn’t want to do very much because the IRS would get 50% of it and 1/2 a million just doesn’t go that far.

Bryan: I’d strip, cover myself with Icy Hot and Vaseline, and proceed to roll around in a field the day after a large concert.

David: Just about anything that doesn’t evolve hurting or killing somebody…..

Bryant: what would you do for a Klondike bar?

Allegra: Feed the hungry

Ron: What wouldn’t I do for a million dollars?

Isaac: I’d drink a gallon of milk in an hour.

Jason: quit my job

Jerome: I would kiss Susan Boyle. And I had to think about it too.

Matt: Buy Rich a Blu-Ray player

Larry: travel, give to my children ,

Jon: I would give up my friends left nut. He doesn’t need it anymore anyway.

Heather: anything that wouldnt hurt someone else or cripple me

Brian: I’d eat anything gross.

Christina: As much as I’d love a million dollars, I don’t think it’s worth putting my morals aside.

Tamara: I’d certainly be willing to surf the internet and enter these contests all day!

Judy: I would not open the box because it would be an unknowing innocent victim killed and I could not do that. I would help as many people as I could especially those that were kind to me when I had little money.

Aaron: Swim with a shark…. and hopefully make it :)

Kenneth: i would give up working

Susanne: i would do without tv for a year

Amy: babysit my brother’s kids for a month

Drahomira: I would do anything but would not sell my soul

Jason: Play “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”

Irais: Is a really tricky question, anything can be done to get a million dollars, but I would never do something illegal or irresponsible, or silly, I would do something that is serios and for a good purpose

JoReviews Fan: it would depend, nothing illegal or that caused the demise of anything living…

Robin: Make sure my family is taken care of, pay off bills, give to favorite charities, save remainder.

Ryan: More than you’d think, but I wouldn’t push that button!

Brandy: alot

Karen: go back to school

Stacy: I would push the button

Suzanne: adopt a kid from the united states because there are so many who still need homes even though Americans keep adopting from over seas.

Larry:  Enlist in the army again.

Lydia: travel to foreign countries and help the people in need.

Melissa: well, not kill someone…

Annamarie: drive 2000 miles with 4 dogs

Marleee: Eat a bug–preferably chocolate coated.

Amanda: Nothing to crazy. Its not like I’m losing out. Yes A million dollars would be nice to pay off bills but if I don’t have it, I don’t need to figure out what to do with it.

Paul: I know what I would do *with* a million dollars. *For* a million dollars. . .Nothing too undignified.

Maria: Travel

John: just about anything for my kids … and donate most of it.

Doug: Voluntarily spend 6 months in jail.

Kris: Try something like the Amazing Race, but differently not hurt anyone.

Stanley: do something that I normerly would not do to earn that money but legally

Jim: I would not push the button for one million dollars… But I would for a Klondike bar

Andie: i’d do most anything except kill people, hurt children, or animals (will at least not people that i don’t know and haven’t done anything to me, and i’d never hurt an animal ot child)

Tom: Keep my dignity

Laurie: You could twist my arm and force me to sleep with John Cusack for a million dollars ;-)

Kate: I wouldn’t push a button that might kill someone regardless of who that person was.

Kay: Nothing immoral or illegal

Jeanette: anything thats legal

Amber: Be glad I won the lottery, because that is the only way I’d get a million!

Roger: Have a limb amputated,Give up television for life, Swim in tank with a shark, Give up chance to have kids , Star in a porn movie Lay in a box of scorpions Have all your teeth pulled out Play Russian Roulette Spend 5 yrs on deserted island Have your tongue removed

Wendy: Skinny dip in a lake or ocean.

Bedelia: I would do all that is required, short of comprising my morals and beliefs.

Letha: Marry a millionaire.

Amar: Don’t know if I would push the button.

Julia: shave my head or get a chiefs arrowhead tattoo on my arm (right now I have no ink and pretty much opposed to tattoo’s). But I could not push a button thnking that someone would die because of that action

Ryan: Push the button!

Susie: I’m not exactly sure- I don’t think I would do anything immoral or unlawful. A million dollars would be nice, but I wouldn’t want to ruin my life for it. After all, money isn’t everything.

John: Repel off Bartle Hall

Harriet: Kiss the ugliest person in the world, on the lips.

Jeff: Eat live goldfish……..

John: Boringingly, nothing immoral or illegal or that would cause harm phisically or financially to anyone!

Lakeisha: apopt a child.

Eric: I would do whatever I am capable of without physically or emotionally hurting people in the process.

Grace: Depends on the consequences.

Peggy: I would probably give most of it to my children and grandchildren and then travel with the rest.

Jamie: shave my head

Ken: save in bank

Virginia: i would help fight the fires in california by helping the needy flee for safety to a safe house.

Ginny: i would adopt a child from this country.

Emily: Go without a phone for a year

Nathan: Eat a yack eye ball

Virginia: I would encourage the homeless in a major city to help clean up & refurbish old buildings, to give them, & many others a place to live. that would help the homeless & the blighted parts of town.

Ginny: move to an impoverished country for a year to help them with farming, building, irrigation.

Theresa: Kiss a snake

Lisa: I might just push the button.

Melanie: share the wealth with family and friends.. donate to charities! :)

Amy: Zipline through the jungle :)


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  1. Jeff Sykes says:

    Would love to see any movie but this and the fourth kind look really good. Hope to get a ticket.

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