The Invention of Lying

invention-of-lying-posterMark Bellison (Ricky Gervais) is considered a loser in the World. He has just lost his job, found out he is hated and had the worse date of all time. In “The Invention of Lying”, Mark finds a loophole when he discovers he’s the one man who can lie in a world full of truths. Agenda one is to get money to pay his rent and hopefully become rich and successful enough to impress Anna McDoogles (Jennifer Garner). After a dreadful date with Anna, Mark finds himself infatuated by her.

Following his lies Mark becomes a powerful leader, with a never ending bank account, a beautiful best-friend, with a job he loves. When he feels that his misdeeds are threatened and he can’t have the woman he loves Mark becomes a hermit. Mark seldom leaves the house or cleans up, eventually becoming a Jesus lookalike. Trying to get Mark out of his funk is not easy; will he just fade away with his secrets of lies or step forward to win his girl?

“The Invention of Lying” had some very comical parts. The brutal honesty was hilarious and the script was an original idea. That aside there was too much romance in this film. Why we had to focus on a relationship between Mark and Anna is beyond me. The story had enough steam power, but when mixed with romance it just falls flat. I think with a different lead this comedy could have been stronger. Ricky Gervais can be humorous, but his dry humor is not what this film needed. Someone get Steve Carrell or Adam Sandler on set. Even with the multiple A list cameos the humor winds up bland. Pushing the envelope with many jokes and original ideas it could have been a masterpiece, but turning it into a romantic comedy and starring Gervais does not make that true.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I totally agree, there were some funny parts but def. not a movie I would recommend. I would have loved Steve Carrell in that part!

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