Schlitterbahn Water Park

8319_1179296696269_1643712986_495089_3171278_nSummer has cooled off, but we still had our Schlitterbahn Water Park passes to use. Only being good for a couple more weeks, and with decent temperature and sunshine we trekked out to KCK to use our passes. We were able to get free Schlitterbahn passes for spending $50 or more at the Legends. These complimentary passes were only good for this season.

Immediately upon arrival you see that there is a lot of unfinished work, but for what they have done it pails in comparison to the other major water park in town. You enter through the gift shop where you turn your passes in for wristbands. Feel free to leave your cash at home as you can link your credit/debit card to your wristbands for any charges you may have at the water park.

8319_1179298816322_1643712986_495115_3170029_nCharges may be minimum as for your $33 ticket price you will get FREE parking, FREE inertubes and you are able to bring in your own food & drink. I found this to be an amazing deal. The first thing you see once in the water park is a huge spiral of water. This is in the main wave pool area. It is a constant spin of water causing a whirlpool effect, easily giving ocean like waves. With several lounge areas and many chairs this will be a sunbather’s delight.
Right now there are two rides you can access without leaving the wave pool.

8319_1179298376311_1643712986_495114_197495_nThere is the wave pool/lazy river area that tie into the water coaster. A terrific water slide that you ride up in your very own inertube and enjoy several drops down. The other is the rapid rivers that has several drops and splashes on the way. Both are a lot of fun. There is also a swim up bar with a heated pool and three winding slides. Not to leave the kid’s out there are several play areas with mini slides.

8319_1179299016327_1643712986_495116_8286062_nI found Schlitterbahn Water Park to be one of the favorite spots from next summer. I love the ideas that they are bringing of FREE! You should not have to rent inertubes. You should not have to pay to park. These are essentials that Oceans of Fun will need to compete with. I honestly can say they are in trouble. The bathrooms were clean, the pools were well cared for, and the best part of all is you don’t have to climb 100 stairs at the end of the day to exit. The only problem I found at Schlitterbahn was an abundance of bees. All of there trash and recycling bins were surrounded with bees and wasps. Even nearby waters could not keep these insects away. But once they solve this problem and finish up the parks rides this place will be a family fun getaway. Yet another wonderful addition to Wyandotte County.

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3 Responses to Schlitterbahn Water Park

  1. dawn says:

    We visited Schliterhabhn on July 15, 2010, a Thursday, in New Braunfels, Texas. The park was soooo crowded that we spent 80% of our day in lines. I took 4 teenage boys and we did not have a fun day. Unless the capacity issue is addressed… we will not be attending Schlitterbahn in our vacation plans again. I will research the legal capacity limit and post it straight away.

  2. Cindy says:

    You are complaining about standing in line? You don’t have to pay to park, you don’t have to spend a dime on food it you don’t want to, and there are a lot of rides that you don’t have to wait in line for. The only person you can blame for waiting in line is yourself. You chose to get on the rides with the longest lines. If you don’t want to wait might I suggest getting there right when the park opens, ride the rides that draw big lines then enjoy the rest of your day.

  3. Steve says:

    Schliterhabhn KS is a joke, I will continue to go to Worlds of Fun, plus they have Worlds of Fun next door if you want to get out of the water and ride some rides or see some shows for a while.

    When I take my family to a theme park, the last thing I worry about is the $10 is cost to park. How dumb.

    I want a good park. Charge me to park. Who cares?

    I spend $35 per ticket to take my family to Schliterhabhn and we had more fun at the Tiffany Springs water park.

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