The Informant Advance Screening Passes

Unbelievable, you have the chance to see THE INFORMANT before it’s release…


JoReviews has 25 admit-two passes for “THE INFORMANT”

Screening will be held on Thursday, September 10th, 7:30pm at the AMC Studio 30. This will be a trivia based giveaway. We will ask for you to share your Informant tale. Tell us when you had to rat someone out and be The Informant! Registration closes on Friday September 4th. The winners will then receive an email with instructions on how to print out their pass. Make sure to bring the pass with you to the screening. Be sure to get there early. These screenings are overbooked to fill every seat. Only ONE entry per email address, per day. Only eligible for Kansas/Missouri metro area residents. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

The Informant! – Trailer 2009 HDClick here for more blooper videos


Cast: Matt Damon, Joel McHale, Scott Bakula, Mike O’Malley, Andrew Daly, Adam Paul, Melanie Lynskey, Tom Wilson, Rick Overton, Tom Papa, Candy Clark

Synopsis: What was Mark Whitacre thinking? A rising star at agri-industry giant Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Whitacre (Matt Damon) suddenly turns whistleblower. Even as he exposes his company’s multi-national price-fixing conspiracy to the FBI, Whitacre envisions himself being hailed as a hero of the common man and handed a promotion. But before all that can happen, the FBI needs evidence, so Whitacre eagerly agrees to wear a wire and carry a hidden tape recorder in his briefcase, imagining himself as a kind of de facto secret agent. Unfortunately for the FBI, their lead witness hasn’t been quite so forthcoming about helping himself to the corporate coffers. Whitacre’s ever-changing account frustrates the agents (Scott Bakula and Joel McHale) and threatens the case against ADM as it becomes almost impossible to decipher what is real and what is the product of Whitacre’s active imagination. Academy Award® winner Matt Damon (“Good Will Hunting,” the “Bourne” movies) stars in “The Informant!,” based on the true story of the highest-ranking corporate whistleblower in U.S. history. The film also stars Scott Bakula, Joel McHale and Melanie Lynskey. “The Informant!” is directed by Academy Award® winner Steven Soderbergh (“Traffic”) from a screenplay by Scott Z. Burns, based on the book The Informant (A True Story), written by Kurt Eichenwald. The film is produced by Gregory Jacobs, Jennifer Fox, Michael Jaffe, Howard Braunstein and Kurt Eichenwald. George Clooney, Jeff Skoll and Michael London served as executive producers, with Michael Polaire co-producing.

Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

Release Date: Friday, September 18, 2009



Nick: I was an Informant when…I ratted out a kid in freshman wood class for sneaking away to smoke a cigarette in the men’s room. I did it as a joke not realizing the trouble he would soon find himself in. Later, he tried to fight me…but i ran, and ran fast. i would do it again…you should’ve seen his face after being caught.

Scott: I was an Informant when…I ratted on my big brothers

Lori: I was an Informant when…I ratted on my little brother

Darlene: I was an Informant when…i saw someone viewing material they shouldn’t be looking at while at the library and i told the librarian

Elijah: I was an Informant when… I got in trouble with a teacher at school and told on a friend so I could get out of it.

Mirka: I was an Informant when… I was never an informant because I am the best at keeping secrets to myself and never sharing what someone else discloses their story/secrets to me with others.

Doug: I was an Informant when…I told my father that my 15 year old brother drove his car when he was out of town.

Lakeisha: I was an Informant when…my mom thought i ordered some services on her computer and it was really my sister!

Danenhaxton: I was an Informant when…I cant tell you, its a secret op.

Laura: I was an Informant when…my big brother used to start the fight, but I would always get in trouble first!

Cystle: I was an Informant when…i was undercover

Chad: I was an Informant when…anytime the price was right!

Mary Ann: I was an Informant when…my sister wrecked her boyfriend’s truck, but she told our parents that he was driving. Needless to say, she was not happy with me. She wouldn’t give me a ride anywhere for years after that! Talk about holding a grudge!

Chris: I was an Informant when…I told my girlfriend (now wife) I LOVE HER –

Sharon: when I filled in for boss when she was on vacation

Brandon: I was an Informant when… I knew something didn’t quite feel right

Phil: I was an Informant when…grilled by the police

Pamela: I was an Informant when…the bus started up & ran right over ??????

Christina: I was an Informant when…MY NEIGHBORS were shooting guns instead of fireworks on Independence Day.

Robert: I was an Informant when I workd for the FBI.

Sasha: I was an Informant when… I told my grandmother that my uncle took her car when she was sleep

Shaunta: I was an Informant when…they signed me up at my job to be on the customer service advisory board, I had to start spying on diffrent clinic without them knowing. I felt like the biggest rat ever.

Richard: I was an Informant when this website requested information

Tom: I was an Informant when my brother took something that was not his to take.

William: I was an Informant when…i had to tell my ex wife that her daughter was messing around on her husband with another man!!!

Cheryl: I was an Informant when…I had to tell my kids there dad wasnt coming to get them after he promised he was going to come and take them some where for the day for his time to be spent with them.

Richard: I was an Informant when…my brother broke a lamp glued it back together then i told on him!!!

Edwina: I was an Informant when…I told on my brother for trying to pull me by my legs off my grandmothers shed but i didnt tell her why he was trying to do it….lol I threw a rock and hit him in the head for calling me names!!!

Rudy: I was an Informant when…I told the priest of our parish that a few of the altar boys were taking bottles of wine and drinking.

Adam: I was an Informant when… I tried to get my friends girlfriend to cheat on him. He had a fear she would or was cheating on him so my goal was to see if she would make a move or let me make a move on her. She did pass the test and i felt stupid and i am pretty sure he regretted doing this untrustworthy action.

Eduard: I was an Informant when…i had to do other kinds of work.

Jennifer: I was an Informant when…I noticed wrong doings at work

Ryan: I was an Informant when… I let my boss know that a co-worker was stealing hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise per week and my good friend was being blamed.

Alicia: I was an Informant when…when i had to told my parents that my sisters boyfriend was sneaking in the middle of the night

Tim: I was an Informant when…I tattled on my younger brother for everything.

Josh: I was an Informant when… I tattled on my friend for shoplifting. I told him i would do it! He should have listened! Now he can never shop at that Walmart again.

Steve: I was an Informant when…I told my wife about my father-in-law’s intentions to go up on the roof to do some repairs. He is not good with ladders. This backfired for me since I don’t like heights, but was told to take his place and do the repairs.

Steve: when in spyed on my nephews

Shelley: I was an Informant when…I knew a friend was falling for a girl, and she had no idea . . . it worked out!

Lynn: I was an Informant when…people cut into the movie line.

Shannon: I was an Informant when…don’t have a tattle tale but would love to see the movie!

Ben: I was an Informant when…it was just past eight o’clock in the morning. I rolled out of bed looking for the nearest cup of joe. As I came to my sense, I realized that I had forgotten to prepare fresh undergarments for the following day. It was at the moment, I turned to my still sleeping wife and regretfully INFORMED her that I would be free-balling it, at least for the next twenty-four hours. I felt obligated, as the day went along, to INFORM everyone else in my life (including my boss) of this…condition. They were not pleased…

Kari: I was an Informant when I told my Dad about some bad life choices my sister was making so he could help her and intervene in the situation.

Carla: I was an Informant when…I told my parents that my little sister skipped school.

Ginny: I was an Informant when…a neighbor physically abused an infant in his wife’s daycare. I called SRS in a popcorn second!

Sandy: I was an Informant when…in High School a student stole the answers to a test and several other students used it. For informing the teacher I recieved an “A” and the other students an “F”!!

Shelby: I was an Informant when… I tattled on my sister for all those years…

Tamra: I was an Informant when… I called the police regarding a vehicle parked next door that I didn’t recognize. Turned out they really were casing the joint!

Tyler: I was an Informant when…UFO landed in my backyard

Laura: I was an Informant when…I was a kid and I used to report to my mom about everything my big brother was doing!

Harriet: I was an Informant when…I saw someone at work steal something off of another employee’s desk.

Jeff: I was an Informant when…I caught my friend’s girlfriend cheating on him.

Kari: I was an Informant when I told my friend’s husband about a necklace she found in Sagautauk, Michigan when we traveled there together. My friend didn’t want to buy it because she felt it was too expensive, but her birthday was coming up so I called her husband and he bought it for her as a surprise.

RJ: I was an Informant when…well i would tell ya but then i would have to kill ya

Kaitlin: I was an Informant when… I was a yonger sister to an older brother who was quite a troublemaker.

Francisco: I was an Informant when… i was littel

Michelle: I was an Informant when I had to observe the creative work hours a co-worker claimed they were working and report the schedule to a manager.

Larry: I was an Informant when…I saw these guys at a hotel in Washington, I think it was called the Watergate, and I could tell they were up to no good. So, oh wait, I better not. I don’t think this line is secure……….

Ashleigh: I was an Informant when…my daughter’s friend had told her and showed her that her father was physically abusing her and her mother. I went to the school counselor and told her about the abuse. Unfortunately, it wasn’t soon enough. The father ended up murdering the mother, the father is in jail, and the kids now live with a distant relative.

Van: I was an Informant when…I was three years old and my two older brothers got a spanking and were angry and decided to run away…they were five and seven. Well, our Mom and Dad were frantic because my brothers left a note telling them that they ran away because they were spanked. They also took our youngest brother with them, he had just turned one year and it was in the dead mid of winter. I’ve been disabled since infancy, so my brothers wouldn’t take me because they said I would just “slow them down!” I was ‘ticked’, so I told Mom and Dad that they took the loaf of bread, a box of cereal and the jar of peanut butter and were hiding in the old car that our Dad kept in the backyard! The rest is THEIRstory!!!

Anita: I was an Informant when…well, I haven’t had to do this but I would love to see the movie.

Jonna: I was an Informant when… I ratted out the kid next door by telling his dad that the kid was jumping on the hood of his car.

Vicki: I was an Informant when…not anytime I can remember
I’m more of a secret keeper

Kari: I was an Informant when I ratted on my high school brother for smoking and dealing pot because my parents were too naive to see the signs.

Eddie: I was an Informant when… i saw something at work and i didn’t benefit from it.

I was an Informant when…I had to rat out a narcissist co-worker who was basically not doing his job and harming clients. Fortunately, I got to keep my job and not go to prison like Mark Whitacre!

Saundra: I was an Informant when…I told that some of my friends stole a car.

Cecil: I was an Informant when…I reported a coworker for leaving work daily and returning much later, wreaking with alcohol.

Lawrence: I was an Informant when…I told that some of the other
people in our group were under age that were trying to
get into the club.

Jo: I was an Informant when…I told my mom everything my big brother was up to -and most of it was no good!

Matt: I was an Informant when I was team captain and others skipped practice.

Patty: I was an Informant when…I kept getting in trouble for things I KNEW my little sis was doing!!!

Meagan: I was an Informant when during college I called the front desk about some loud and amorous next door neighbors in the dorm

Susan: I was an Informant when…my brother broke the window with a snowball.

Gina: I was an Informant when my older sister got to HighSchool and began to bring boys to the house before our mom got home from work…Ha!

I was an Informant when…I saw a car speed through a parking lot and smash into a truck. I got the license plate number and told an officer.

Sara: I was an Informant when… I reported my neighbor to animal control for neglecting their dog during the ice storm.

Lindsay: I was an Informant when I told my boss the gossip a coworker was spreading.

Deborah: I was an Informant when…I thought it would take some scumbag off the streets.

Dallas: I was an Informant when…I was four years old and I was not allowed to play with fireworks because I was too little. All my siblings and neighborhood kids got to light fireworks and while that was going on someone had blown up my mothers 16oz tumbler glass from her tupperware set. All of the children in my family was to get a whipping and I was not going to get a whipping for something I did not do. So I tattle-taled, because I didn’t want my tail hurting.

Elishia: I was an Informant when.. I was sitting at my front desk when a car ran into another parked car in the parking lot. The driver got out, looked around and started to get back in his car. I was having none of that! I ran out the door and jumped in front of his car before he could take off. Of course he yelled at me to move, but once he knew he was caught, he tried to play it off. I stood there until the owner of the other vehicle came out so that they could handle the incident. It was probably incredibly dumb in hindsight since I didn’t know if the guy would run me over, or worse, but hey I felt like a good doer for the rest of the day. Yay me!

Sam: I was an Informant when…she took the bottle of wine.

Leasha: I was an Informant when… I was a kid… two younger siblings that were a pain in the butt, you bet I told my mom everything!

Matt: I ratted out Jamey Clements in Grade School for punching Kody Weiss.

Angela: I was an Informant when… my mom asked me and it was my brother and sister who did it

Laurie: I was an Informant when… I ratted out a co-worker for using the company Sam’s card for her own personal shopping.

Abbey: I was an Informant when…two friends were talking behind each other’s backs. I would totally win on ‘Big Brother’.

Andie: I was an Informant when… i had to tell on a coworker for stealing food from the cooler

Susie: I was an Informant when I was in second grade. Someone stole money from the teachers purse. they lined us all up in the hallway and told us we all get spankings and we had to stay after school until someone confessed. They checked us to make sure we didn’t have the stolen money on us. Even though I didnt do anything I felt guilty because I saw who did it. I was scared to death. wWhen they released us to go to our classroom I was the last in line and I tugged at the principles dress and said ” you may want to check JIm.” and walked into my classroom. I felt very bad but thought I was saving all of us innocents from haveing to stay at school all night. We were released on time and none of us received spankings.

Kris: I was an Informant when…I was in HS. I was a cheerleader and we all got drunk before a basketball game and a parent had smelled the alcohol. So to avoid getting suspended from school the administration wanted to know who all was involved. So I told on just our squad, we didn’t like cheering at basketball games, so they were ok with me informing the administration on us.

Amanda: I was an Informant when…the FBI started tightening the screws.

Peggy: I was an Informant when…I saw something at work.

Larry: As far as I can remember, I have never informed on anybody

Kim: I was an Informant when…I used to tattle on my brother when we were kids!

Ryan: I was an Informant when provided secret computer configuration secrets to a group of Brasilian Nationals on New Year’s Eve.

Jon: There was an old man walking around in my neighborhood a few months ago. He looked like he was hiding from someone, and he was carrying a big bag over his shoulder. All the sudden, he ducked into a row of bushes in my neighbor’s yard. It was the weirdest thing we’d seen in a while. He then climbed out, looked around and kept on down the street. A few minutes later, I was out in the yard, and a cop car rolled down the street slowly. I could tell the officer was looking around for something, so I waved him down. I said, “Hey, are you looking for someone?” “Yeah, the old guy.”, he replied. I just pointed and said, “He went that-a-way.” The cop thanked me and went after the guy. I felt kind of bad being the snitch, but I don’t want those shady characters roaming around in my neighborhood!

Nathan: I was an Informant when… oh no. My body will be buried there too.

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  1. Jim Ziermann says:

    I always have to be an informent when ever any of my kids tray to suprise my wife for mothers day or her birthday or whatever. somehow she always starts to make plans that will spoil the suprise and I,ll have to tell her to get her to stop.

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