6495_1160575108241_1643712986_437310_6980791_nI love Mexican food and when I saw a new restaurant opening off of 18th St Expressway and Steele Rd I had to try it. The interior had been gutted and completely refinished. Much nicer than the previous residents. Complete with dark lighting and flat screen televisions it offers a lot to the patrons. We visited Amigo’s on a Friday night, upon arrival we seated ourselves and were quickly served chips & salsa (mild/hot) and our drink order was taken efficiently.

6495_1160575268245_1643712986_437311_5827611_nThe salsa was fresh, the hot was the better of the two. The mild salsa was a little bland, but the hot was some of the best I have had. We ordered fried chicken tacos and a pork burrito. The tacos were average. The chicken was cut into chunks and tasted pretty good. They weren’t the best fried tacos, but they were good. The burrito was also average. Again pretty bland as the same mild salsa had been used. Refried beans and rice were served on the side and were equally great.

Overall, for the location food was great and very affordable. That aside it can not beat some of the best Mexican dining off the Boulevard. Then again they have only been open a couple weeks so I will give it time. Service was awesome, establishment was clean and dinner cost us only $20 and that included drinks and tip! With late hours til 2am and opening for breakfast at 6am, they have something to suit everyone’s craving.

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