Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

ice-age-3-dawn-of-the-dinosaurs-ice-age-2909803-500-749Too much of a good thing can go terribly wrong. Take “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” for example. The first two were comical masterpieces that the whole family loved. The latest version is far from it. Following Ice Age: the Meltdown, life begins to change for Manny (Ray Romano) and his friends. Scrat (Chris Wedge) while on the hunt for his beloved acorn finds a possible romance with a female squirrel named Scratte.

Manny and his new mate Ellie (Queen Latifah) are expecting a baby, leaving Manny demanding perfection for when his baby arrives. Diego (Denis Leary) is frustrated with his lack of physique and wonders what he has to offer his herd. Sid (John Leguizamo) finds himself wanting a family of his own, and winds up stealing dinosaur eggs.

Ultimately this leads Sid into danger, landing in the unknown underground world where dinosaurs roam free. Ellie, Manny and Diego are on a rescue mission to save Sid, while dodging dinosaurs and danger at every corner; they meet a weasel known as Buck (Simon Pegg) who helps rescue Sid with his survival skills.

From “Land of the Lost” to “Dawn of the Dinosaurs” it is not the year for the pre-historic comebacks. This “Ice Age” was lifeless, dull and only had a handful of select 3D effects. Lacking dialogue and lively scenes it ultimately lets down its predecessors. The saving point is that kids will enjoy the film and find the 3D awesome, but we adults will find it contrite, boring and un-amusing. Extinction may not be so far off for these “Ice Age” characters as this film was a complete disgrace to the series. When all else fails ditch the dinosaurs and head back to the sketch book.


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