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Screening will be held on Tuesday, May 26, 7:30pm at AMC Town Center 20.

Synopsis: Director Sam Raimi (Spider-Man trilogy, Evil Dead series) returns to the horror genre with DRAG ME TO HELL, an original tale of a young woman’s desperate quest to break an evil curse.  Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) is an ambitious L.A. loan officer with a charming boyfriend, professor Clay Dalton (Justin Long).  Life is good until the mysterious Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver) arrives at the bank to beg for an extension on her home loan.  Should Christine follow her instincts and give the old woman a break?  Or should she deny the extension to impress her boss, Mr. Jacks (David Paymer), and get a leg-up on a promotion?  Christine fatefully chooses the latter, shaming Mrs. Ganush and dispossessing her of her home.

In retaliation, the old woman places the powerful curse of the Lamia on Christine, transforming her life into a living hell.  Haunted by an evil spirit and misunderstood by a skeptical boyfriend, she seeks the aid of seer Rham Jas (Dileep Rao) to save her soul from eternal damnation.  To help the shattered Christine return her life to normal, the psychic sets her on a frantic course to reverse the spell.  As evil forces close in, Christine must face the unthinkable: How far will she go to break free of the curse?


We are asking all visitors who register to tell a tale of a Kansas City Ghost Story. Your stories will be posted on the site, please indicate if you wish to remain annonymous. On Sunday, May 24, we will randomly select our winners. Winners will be notified via e-mail. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY

Kansas City Haunted Happenenings at:

Stull Cemetery: The cemetery located in Stull has gained an amount of dubious recognition due to various urban legends referring to the Devil, the occult, and as being a supposed gateway to Hell. The old Evangelical Church, built in 1867, was torn down in March 2002. Local police have discouraged curiosity seekers from entering the cemetery, especially on Halloween, and some people have been arrested for trespassing there

Muelbach Hotel: Opening in 1816, the Muelbach has long been considered one of Kansas City’s most prestigious hotels and noted landmark. A blonde haired ghost in her 30’s named the ‘Blue Lady’ is said to inhabit the hotel. Wearing a blue dress with her hair pinned under a wide-brimmed hat, she has been seen wandering the halls and sitting in the lobby. The Blue Lady is said to be the ghost of an actress who once performed at the old Gayety Theater, and is thought to search the Muelbach for a long lost lover.

Hotel Savoy: This old and historic hotel in Kansas City is said to be the oldest continually operating hotel west of the Mississippi River. It was built in 1888 and was a very fashionable place up until World War II. Then, according to present owners, the place degenerated into a low-rent flophouse and became very run down. In more recent times, the hotel has been undergoing some rather extensive renovations and upgrades in it’s setting and service. Apparently, these renovations may have disturbed the spirits. According to staff members and visitors, there has been a lot of strange phenomena taking place in the hotel for the last several years. Many have reported the sounds of footsteps in the hallways, doors opening and closing on their own, electrical appliances that don’t operate as they should and, in one case, shower curtains closing on their own and the water turning on in the shower…. as if a spirit was taking a bath! There are said to be two resident ghosts here also. One is an elderly woman named Betsy Ward who died in her bathtub and now returns. It was in her bathroom that the shower curtain closed and the water started by itself. The other ghost is said to be that of Fred Lightner, who haunts his former apartment in the hotel. In 1987, two witnesses reported his gray-colored ghost standing in the hallway outside his old room. The Hotel Savoy is located at 219 West Ninth Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

Folly Theater: The Folly Theater and adjacent Edward Hotel were the center of the theater world in Kansas City for decades. The Folly stage played host to vaudeville and burlesque acts like Gypsy Rose Lee, and was managed by the infamous Joe Donegan. Restored to it’s original state–employees and visitors alike report strange happenings in and around the theater. Many have seen a mysterious male figure in a bowler hat, who is believed to be the ghost of Joe Donegan. Others have also seen a woman in a long, flowing gown rushing toward the stage.

Union Station: Kansas City’s Union Station was completed in 1914 and was a bustling hub of activity with more than 200 passenger trains passing through daily in it’s heyday. As train travel declined in the 1950’s, Union Station was all but closed down by 1970. Union Station has been completely renovated today–and stories of unexplained phenomena surround the station. Employees have reported a women in a black dress walking down the stairs after hours, never to be found. Travelers with suitcases have also been spotted wandering the halls. Others tell of hearing a mysterious train whistle blow with no trains in sight.

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church: St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, said to be one of Kansas City’s oldest congregations with it’s history stemming back to the mid 1800’s. Parishioners and clergy have repeatedly seen who they think is the ghost of Father Henry David Jardine, who lead the church from 1879 to 1886. It is said that Jardine haunts St. Mary’s after his untimely death in 1886, was ruled a suicide. It is said he still haunts the church in an effort to clear his good name.

John Wornall House: The historic homestead is now a museum right in the heart of Brookside. The John Wornell House, which overlooks Loose Park, is said to be haunted by a man dressed in a civil war solider uniform who has been spotted smoking on the landing of the stairs. The staff also reports other odd accounts–like the smell of pipe tobacco in the office area, seeing a woman bent down in front of the fireplace in the kitchen, as well as unexplained voices and noises.

Alexander Majors Home: The Alexander Majors Home–a historic home located on State Line Road is said to be haunted by Louisa Johnston, a woman who once lived there. Louisa spent the majority of her life trying to restore the home, but died at age 89 in the caretaker’s cottage. The Majors Home Historic Foundation denies claims that ghosts inhabit the home, even though accounts of ghost sightings have been frequently reported.

Please share yours…

Theresa: We grew up in a home near the Kansas City Museum that was built in the 1800’s. It had a long winding staircase, and it was common to hear someone walking up the creaking stairs when no one was there. We had a friend spending the night and we heard the footsteps making their way up! Our friend cowered in the corner ,and we thought it was funny until our bedroom door slowly opened all by itself!

Jim: I do not have a ghost story about K.C. But I did work as security at a mansion on long island,N.Y.It was the overnight shift.The security desk was down in the main hall.Up stairs was where the bedrooms of the origonal owers was.The building was under restoration, and all the rooms were empty except for one that had one steel framed desk in it. As i sat down stairs I would hear the sound of the desk being moved acrossed the floor and evey hour when I would do my tour the desk would be moved.

Patrick: The old story about Rickey Road in Raytown, MO has many variations. One of them is that a couple who had just gotten married was driving down Rickety Road (as it was known at that time. They changed the name to Rickey Road after the city had problems with people constantly stealing the sign) and got a flat tire. The man stepped out to change the tire, and after awhile, to newlywed wife didn’t hear anything and began to get worried. All of the sudden she heard a tapping on the side of the window, she looked over and it was her husband’s body, hanging from a tree whose lifeless hand was tapping against the window. There’s also a bridge on this road that if you stop on and put the car in neutral, you can actually feel the car get pushed across the bridge. No matter if Rickey Road at 63rd and Noland Road is haunted or not, it’s still a pretty creepy and precarious drive at night.

Paula: When my cat was alive he wouldn’t use a litter box. He had to go outside. Every morning at 4 am he would bang on the blinds in our bedroom to wake us up and let him out. He died on October 30, 2006. The first week after he died our smoke alarms would go off every morning at 4 am sharp. They are run by electricity with battery back up. So we changed the batteries in all the smoke alarms in the house but it continued. It really creeped us out. So we ended up buying all new smoke alarms. They would beep every so often like they were going to go off. We then got a black cat just like the one that had died. And the smoke alarms finally quit going off.

Lisa: Truman House – President Truman is said to still spend time in his old home in Independence. Witnesses have reported seeing him lounging in the living room and the smell of his favorite brandy can often be detected. Truman House is located at 219 N. Delaware in Independence.

Chris & Melinda: I am not really a believer in ghosts but I have to say the one that I believe the most was when my son was about 9 and we had two of his cousins that are his same age stay the night and they hadn’t been talking about anything scary the night before and when they woke up they were all telling the same story about them waking up and interacting with ghosts and there stories were all very in depth for 9 year old’s. It was pretty creepy.

JoReviews Fan: Twenty years ago, my family lived at 5332 Rockhill. One night I heard my sister scream, and I ran downstairs. Her face was red, and she was crying. She told me the following: You know those helium balloons from the party that were up in the corner of the living room? I was sitting on the couch, reading a book. Then the furnace came on, and I heard a noise up above me. It was the warm air gently moving them around the ceiling. After all those times we have joked about the house maybe being haunted, I decided to test it. I said out loud “If there really is a ghost in this house show yourself!” Nothing happened. Then I said “All you have to do is take one of those balloons and bring it to me!” Then I held out my hand, and all of the sudden, a balloon from across the room swooped down and stopped right in my hand!!!!!!!!!! This is the part where she freaked out, and I ran downstairs to her. We moved away the following summer. That was the only time anyone was foolish enough to challenge a ghost to prove it was really there.

Annette: Sleeping in bed I awoke to see a purple, floating, shapeless figure at my bedside that immediately caused me to feel scared. In the corner a similar turquoise figure appeared and the sight of it calmed me immediately even though I had now idea what either thing was. The turquoise figure appeared to “chase” the purple one from the room. A couple of years later I moved across town and was again visited by the turquoise figure. As was the case the first time. The sight of it left me feeling calm and safe.

Dee Dee: My friend enjoys going to estate sales to pick up unique items for her home. One day she talked me into going with her to an Estate Sale near Bonner Springs, KS. While looking around, I overheard what I supposed to be neighbors discussing how the previous tenent died in the home. I heard something about suicide and her body not being discovered until several days later. I should have passed on this one; however, I bought a real old radio and put in our family room. Not once, but on several different occasions, the radio would just come on and no one in the house knew how it happened. These events were so alarming that I donated the radio to a neighbor’s garage sale with this sign on it, “Works like MAGIC!”

Robert: Inside Out – Digging to put in a new tree in my backyard I find a small box. I bring the box into the house. My wife opens the box when I’m at work. It turns her inside out and she turns into this slug creature. I come home and open the box, I turn into a slug creature. We slug around the house trying to get help. Shortly later, I wake up from my dream and find out that my wife is still a slug. I have another version where our limbs fall off. The ending is still the same.

Cynthia: I used to be a bartender at a very small and unkown bar. One Saturday night I was cleaning after closing. I lined up the empty beer bottles on the bar so I could wash the tables down. One of the bottles jumped out of line, fell over, rolled down the bar, stopped then righted itself. I decided I could clean the bar in the morning.

Kris: My daughter has always been able to see ghost, the strange part of the visiting ghost is that she has one little girl that always visits. One winter night my daughter woke me up and said that we were suppose to go to my mother’s house. So I got the other two kids up and went to my mothers and once we got there my mother said she that she didn’t tell us to come over that late. I asked my daughter , and she said “no her little friend told us to go over there. ” Arriving back home all the windows had been opened. I asked everyone I knew if anyone had open them, and they all said that they didn’t go and open them. And we had just winterized them earlier that afternoon. I got them all closed , but now the furnace wasn’t working now, so back to my mother’s house we went. The next day I had a Cooling and Heat company come out to see why the furnace wasn’t working. They had told me that we probably would have been died the next day if we would have stayed in the house over night. Some how the heat was go outside and the carbon was going in the house. With the windows being open help air out the house. My daughter insist that it was her little ghost that opened the windows and turned off the furnace.

Theresa: When I was a kid the house we grew up in seemed a little haunted. It had a house outside we played in and it always seemed like someone was outside in it. We seen like a shadow in it all the time.But no one was there looked like someone was always watching out the window.

Ryan: I don’t have any Kansas City ghost stories because I have only lived here a couple of years, but I have one from college. In Paulding, MI, there is a spot with a strange light that shows up almost every night. The light will grow brighter and brighter and sway as it comes towards you before disappearing. It has not been explained, but the story is that a train derailed there back at the turn of the century and its the train engineer with his lantern.+

Roger: My aunt has always said that her house is haunted. I never believed her. I love horror movies but I absolutely do not believe in ghosts, i am agnostic and i feel that in order to believe in ghost you also would have to believe in the after life. Im not saying it doesnt exist, i do have an open mind, i just dont believe it myself. well one night about three years ago i stayed at my aunts house and in the middle of the night i walked downstairs to get a drink of water. I heard a noise in the living room. i thought maybe my aunt was awake and watching tv. I went to look and saw that the rocking chair was rocking back and forth. I stood there in amazement and disbelief. I thought maybe my aunt was playing a joke on me so i went and turned on the light and saw that i was the only one in the living room. looked over to see the chair was still rocking. I woke my aunt up and told her about it and she said “RJ, i told you that this house is haunted, the lady that owned this house died in the living room in her chair. and everynight around 2 am she rocks herself back to sleep in that chair.”

Brandon: We were in California on a lake and took a picture of my uncles lake front house from the boat. Everyone staying the house was on the boat at the time. A week later we get the film developed and in that picture stands my great uncle in the top floor window of the house. He had been dead for exactly 1 year to the day.

Todd: Happened a couple hours east of Kansas City where I grew up. I remember waking one night and was sure that I saw what looked to be a native American wondering about the open field next to our house as if he was looking for something. I know that they lived in the area as we found several arrowheads and tools in this field. Can still remember this night vividly even though it was 20+ years ago

Jon: Well, this is really a story ABOUT a ghost story. Around Halloween, the curators of the John Wornall House Museum (61st & Wornall) will give ghost tours. You walk through the house in the dark with ghost hunting equipment and they tell you all the bad things that happened in the house during the Civil War. I don’t believe in ghosts but it was a pretty fun experience. It just so happened that a Civil War reenactment group was camping outside in the lawn that weekend. So we showed up early for the tour to check out them out. They were sitting around the campfire (in full Civil War garb, of course) telling Civil War ghost stories (which were all fairly lame by today’s standards). Then this really heavy-set guy decides to up the ante. He says, “I have a ghost story, and it just happened!” So of course we asked him to go on. He said, just minutes ago, he’d been in the bathroom in the Wornall house, and he’d laid his clothes on a bench folded into a neat pile while he used the facilities . When all of the sudden the “neat pile of clothes” had risen up off the bench, floated to the right about 2 inches and then set back down! Gasp! The horror! Of all the terrible things that could happen, this guy encounters the worst! Floating clothes while you’re going #2! Haha! Ghost Story Fail. :-)

Crystle: growing up in RI in the woods in our yard there was a perfect ring of trees called the witches circle- we were certain they sacrificed people there LOL

Andrea: A few years ago my family went to Atchison KS on the Hunted Trolley Tour they do around Halloween. We stopped at one of the places that is suppose to be haunted, called “Sally’s House.” The version of the story that we were told, (there are different variations but this is the most consistent story I’ve heard) that this little girl was very sick and her mother called the doctor to come over, she had to have her appendix taken out, they try to sedate her, but it does not set in in time and she died in great pain. As the guide was telling us ths story my older sister and I was looking up at the house, and we saw a little girl in the attic window. Then the guide goes on to tell us that it’s said that you can see her looking out of the attic window where they were performing the surgery. (we had never heard this story before that day, and out of our group of six we were the only two to see her)

Greg: “The Real Boogey Man”
Growing up in Kansas City’s northside, there was a creepy old man who walked around our neighborhood at night carrying a big wooden sheperd’s staff. The older kids called him the “The Boogey Man” and scared the little ones by telling stories describing how he kidnaps children and takes them home to eat them. They warned that if he looked you in the eye that meant you were his next victim.
One night, a neighbor’s dog took off after Boogey Man, barking and snarling. Boogey Man just stopped in tracks and said something to the dog that sent the dog yelping and running away with his tail between his legs. Some kids wanted to get even with Boogey Man so they gathered rocks to throw at him the next time he walked the neighborhood. A few days later, some of the neighbors awakened to discover that a window had been broken out in their house by a rock overnight. Then, we read in the paper that Boogey Man was found dead the previous night in an abandoned house. After that, everyone always crossed the street to keep from going in front of that abandoned house for fear of the ghost of the Boogey Man capturing them.

Rudy: On Wednesday nites my Dad would come over to watch Resurrection BLVD. About two weeks after he passed, I was at home getting ready to watch the show. As I was walking to the family room to watch the show I felt a slight chill. When I got to the family room the recliner he would sit in was rocking.

AJ: Had a friend who lived near the cemetary on Gregory in KC. Had a sleep over at his place and it was thundering outside and just pouring rain. His mom let us sleep in the attic which was cool. Then a big bolt of lightening hit this tree in the cemetary and the thunder made the house shake. We looked out to see the tree fall and saw three shadows jumping from the tree. Needles to say that was my last stay over at my friends house.

Shawn: Some friends and I used a Ouija bored once. We communicated with a spirit who died in 1979 and was 65 years of age. He had a message for his son JK: NWNWNW. Still don’t know what it means. The answers to all the questions we asked also made sense. I was skeptical and thought someone was moving it, until at one point, I was the only one holding it, and it moved on its own. So, I am convinced that something else was causing it to move.

Anne: This one has always haunted me a bit…. Ten years ago, my husband and I lived in a 100 plus year old house in Manheim Green (East of Hide Park in Kansas City). We loved it, but it had it’s eerie moments of doors flying open or slamming, t.v.’s turning on and off, phones quitting without explanation…you know just few inexplicable events here and there. Then one day, I was giving my two year old a bath. We were sitting there playing with bubbles, when she starts giggling uncontrollably and points to seemingly nothing. Suddenly, the door of the vanity flew open and my lipstick shot across the room. My daughter giggles again and says “Oh, Ophelia! Stop that!” Keep in mind that she was two and Ophelia is not a family name nor a very common name. The hair on my arms stood up and I was only comforted by the fact that my daughter seemed to think whatever it was, it was benign. From that day on, my daughter would randomly talk to “Ophelia” around the house. It wasn’t every day and it was very specific. To make matters more interesting, my husband and I both woke with a start one night after having very similar dreams about a woman screaming in the hallway about her lost child. This woman was screaming amongst flames with a wrath that still makes me cringe. We couldn’t sleep after that for a few days and we later found out that there had been a fire in the house where a child was claimed by the flames. I’ve often wondered if the child was “Ophelia”. I kept telling myself that it was an imaginary friend, but “Ophelia” did not come with us when we moved a year later. In fact, none of the strange occurences ever happened again. I rationalize it and explain it away, but I can’t deny what I saw and that my very young innocent child carried on very pointed conversations with someone. Think what you will, but I’ve never missed that house or the haunting feeling of a mother’s loss and a child’s search for love and companionship.

Laurie: When we visited Montego Bay, Jamacia we went on a tour of an old plantation called Rose Hall. We were told various stories about how the former lady of the house was called the witch of Rose Hall and how people had died under curious circumstances. Tales of her still haunting the place were plentiful. I took many pictures while we were in the main house. All turned out perfect except the one I took in the dining room. Everything in the picture was slightly askew (leaning to one side) and there was a weird blur right behind the dining table. I have no explaination for the odd photo. It was taken with a digital camera, so I can’t blame old film for the weirdness. I don’t normally believe in these sorts of things, but this particular item made me wonder. I can only assume it has something to do with the witch.

Ashleigh: My grandmother has an old portrait in her home. As kids, we were terrified to walk past it, especially in the dark, as it was the type where the eyes seemed to follow you as you moved and the paint hues had faded to be very dark. She told stories of his tortured body and mind, which freaked us out even more. In the summer, we would spend a few weeks with her, and every night we heard creaking doors, then slammed doors, and then a man moaning. My grandfather was asleep and snoring, so we know it wasn’t him. We were so scared that we’d sleep under the covers and wouldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom if needed, as we were afraid “his tortured ghost” would appear and possibly attack us! None of us ever figured out why the doors creaked and slammed or who was moaning! To this day, everyone in our family, from ages 1-89 is still afraid of that portrait and also afraid to get rid of it!

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