Sirens of TI


I have been to Vegas many times and I had the disappointing experience of seeing the Sirens of TI at Treasure Island finally. A show with a story of captivating sirens on a ship who kidnap a pirate from another ship. The storyline is so silly and risque that I found it unappealing. The best part of the show came in the pyrotechnics and the amazing pirate who is forced off plank and has a huge splash. Aside from these alluring acts I could say I honestly would not care to see the show again. It is very crowded where you view it from and even with the provided ramp viewing is still not great, especially for people who take their kids to see it. It’s a free show though, so I should not complain too much.

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  1. Melissa says:

    My best friend and I went to Las Vegas for my 40th birthday last fall and saw this show the night before we left. I thought it was hilarious and the pyrotechnics are awesome. It is cheesey and risque…it’s Vegas. I’ll go see it the next time I’m there too!

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