Las Vegas “Le Rêve”

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On a recent trip to Las Vegas I was lucky enough to enjoy the Wynn’s show “Le Rêve”. This Cirque du Soleil show is composed of mythical dreams and beliefs and brought to life by a show full of pyrotechnics, water dancing and unbelievable stunts. The show surrounds two lovers who find themselves separated by a dream. The audience finds themselves caught up in this dream. As the main character dances her way through several sequences you become enthralled by the character. Her poetic motions and amazing talent will capture your attention to the final moments. When performers are dropped from the sky into the million gallon water tank you will be memorized at trying to figure out how they do it. This is talent at it’s best. It is a vivid imagination of dreaming full with lively music and a wonderful cast that offers one of the best shows on the strip. Keep your money out of the slots and off the table and use it for this enticing beautiful show.

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