taken-poster-dark-fullsize“Taken” stars Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills a retired spy who is forced to rely on his old skills when his daughter is kidnapped. Bryan is a father who has had a dissolved relationship with his daughter due to his previous working years with the CIA. When he decides to retire we learn it is for his daughter’s sake so they can become closer. Kim (Maggie Grace) comes to her father when she wants to take an international trip with a girlfriend. She convinces him to sign consent to travel to Europe, conditions to this agreement including nightly phone calls and an immediate call when they have landed. Kim and her friend Amanda (Kate Cassidy) travel to Paris where they meet a cute boy at the airport. Little do they know that this cute boy is a recruit for a sex slave ring.

After sharing a cab with the girls to where they are staying, he makes a call to let someone know there are two young girls at this address. When Kim receives a call from her dad she goes into another room to receive it and this is where the story begins. She sees her friend Amanda being taken by a group of men. Freaking out she tells her dad who calmly talks her through it and makes her aware that she will most likely be taken and when it happens she needs to yell out everything she sees and he will come find her. With only 96 hours to find his daughter after she is taken, before she is possibly gone forever we see Bryan using every skill to find her.

“Taken” is the best action thriller of 2009. Not only is the storyline intense but it is very believable. You have seen the stories of sex slaves being sold on Dateline and now being brought to the big screen it will hopefully bring awareness to all young girls traveling in the US or abroad. Liam Neeson came to screen as a strong willed father and his performance had you filling his every emotion. “Taken” has turned out to be the surprise hit of year and I would recommend this hit to all.

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